Reddit Teachers Share Their Favorite Handy Phrases to Say to Kids, And… They’re Amazing


Teaching is a challenge, and it takes skill, creativity, and lots of patience for a teacher to effectively manage and inspire their students. One essential tool every teacher needs in their arsenal is a repertoire of handy phrases. During a recent Reddit thread, teachers shared their favorite sayings to use in the classroom, highlighting the wit and wisdom that comes with experience. In this article, we will explore some of these amazing phrases that not only help keep kids engaged but also impart valuable life lessons.

1. “Your effort determines your outcome.”

This simple phrase emphasizes that success is directly linked to the amount of effort put into a task. It reminds students to always strive to do their best and demonstrates the importance of persistence and hard work.

2. “Make it work or make it better.”

Teachers often turn the spotlight on problem-solving skills by encouraging students to find solutions themselves. This phrase motivates kids to take responsibility for their work and fosters creativity by challenging them to think critically and improve upon initial attempts.

3. “Mistakes are proof that you are trying.”

This phrase reassures students that making mistakes is a natural part of learning. It encourages them not just to accept failure but view it as an opportunity to grow, reinforcing the idea that trial and error are crucial in both education and life.

4. “Choose kind.”

When conflicts arise between classmates or friends, this powerful reminder helps foster empathy by urging children to put themselves in others’ shoes and choosing kindness over negativity.

5. “A question asked is never a foolish one.”

Occasionally, children might be reluctant to ask questions out of fear they’ll appear foolish or uninformed in front of their peers. By encouraging curiosity and exploration, this saying reinforces that learning comes from asking questions without judgment.

6. “Everyone’s got something to teach, and everyone’s got something to learn.”

This phrase highlights the importance of valuing the diverse strengths and abilities each person brings into the classroom. It emphasizes that no one has all the answers and encourages an open-minded attitude towards learning from our peers.

7. “Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

Teachers use this phrase to instill a strong moral compass in their students. It emphasizes the importance of personal integrity, self-discipline, and making wise choices even when no one else knows.

8. “You can agree to disagree politely.”

With combined personalities in any classroom, disagreements are bound to occur. This phrase promotes open communication and understanding while maintaining respect for others’ opinions.


These amazing phrases shared by Reddit teachers are more than just catchy lines – they represent essential life lessons and strategies to navigate the complex world of education. By weaving them into daily conversations, teachers inspire young minds, shaping them into responsible, compassionate individuals equipped for success. Next time you hear one of these nuggets of wisdom, pause for a moment and appreciate its powerful impact on education and beyond.

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