Reliving Baseball Glory: Imagining a World Series Triumph for Washington D.C.

It has been 97 years since Washington D.C. won a World Series, with the Senators taking home the championship in 1924. As a teacher, it can be challenging to make history come alive for students, but exploring what it would look like if the city won the championship can be a fun and engaging way to bring history to life.

Start by setting the scene. Talk to your students about what Washington D.C. was like in 1924. Explain that the Washington Senators were a baseball team in the American League, and that the World Series was a highly competitive tournament where they competed against the best teams from the National League. Describe the excitement that was swirling through the city as the team made its way to the championship.

Next, explore the significance of winning the World Series. Discuss how championships unite cities and bring people together. Ask students to think about how winning a championship would impact their city today. What would it mean for the community? What would the celebrations look like? Encourage your students to think about how winning the championship would affect the players on the team and the city as a whole.

After exploring these topics, it’s time to play a little game of “what if.” What if Washington won the World Series in 2021? Have your students imagine all the different ways the city would celebrate, such as parades, ceremonies, or even a day declared a holiday. Encourage your students to think about how the team would be regarded in history as the first team to win a championship since the 1920s.

As you talk with your students, make sure to incorporate STEM concepts, such as statistics and probability. Ask your students to predict what the odds are for any team to win the championship and what factors might influence these odds. You can also encourage your students to research how the World Series works, such as how the tournament is structured and how the winner is determined.

Teaching students about what it would look like if Washington won a World Series is a fun and engaging way to bring history to life. As educators, it’s important to use creative approaches like this to make concepts come alive for our students and make learning an enjoyable experience. By integrating STEM and historical concepts into this lesson, your students will gain a better understanding of the significance of winning a championship and how it brings communities together.  

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