Resilience in Children, Resilience Factors and Examples

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether or not children are resilient. However, there are some general resilience factors that can be helpful in predicting whether or not a child will be able to bounce back after experiencing a setback or challenge.

Some key resilience factors to consider include:

-Ability to focus and concentrate

-Positive attitude

-Sense of humor

-Resiliency training and/or experience

One example of a child who demonstrates resilience is 8-year-old Chase. After his family moved across the country, Chase struggled to make friends and cope with the new environment. However, he was able to remain positive and motivated through it all. He credits his resilience training from Girl Scouts with helping him stay positive and focused during his trials.

No child is immune to experiencing setbacks. However, with the right resilience factors in place, most children are able to bounce back and continue on with their lives.

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