Responses For When a School Denies Your Child Academic or Behavioral Services

Many schools find that providing certain students with special services and support is inconvenient. However, if a child has a diagnosed learning disability, it is the school’s responsibility to meet all students’ needs. For this reason, there are various rules and regulations to follow in providing students with academic assistance. 

If your child’s school is considering denying these services, there are various steps that you can take in response. In this article, we will be discussing four innovative responses that you can consider. 

Share a Copy Of the Regulations With the School Officials

Many schools will consider pulling these special services if a child passes a class. However, according to the rules and regulations, this is not allowed. For this reason, if your child’s school tries to reason that your child does not need special services anymore, you have the right to argue that decision. 

A great way to prove your point is by sharing a copy of the regulations with the school. In this way, they will see that their actions will not be justified and that they are still responsible for providing that child with the necessary support. 

File a Complaint

If the school is being unreasonable when pulling these services, you can always file a complaint. In this complaint, you should refer to your child’s rights as a student with special needs. 

Also, it is essential that you discuss precisely why these services are so necessary when it comes to your child passing their studies. 

Refer To IDEA Rules and Policies

According to IDEA rules and regulations, all schools are responsible for providing students who suffer from learning disabilities with special services and support. In this way, you can refer back to these policies if the school is being unreasonable. 

Refer To the Department Of Education’s Memo Reminder

It is important to remember that RTI cannot be used to deny students with learning disabilities or special needs

For this reason, if the school ever tries to use this as an excuse, you can refer to the department of education’s memo reminder. This will make it clear that they should be providing your child with their special services and support. 

Concluding Thoughts

There are various ways to respond when a school tries to deny your child the special services they require. For example, you could share a copy of the rules and regulations with the school. You can also do this by referring to IDEA policies and the department of education’s memo reminder.

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