Rhyming riddles for kids

Riddles are great fun for children of all ages—that’s no doubt!
So here are some rhyming riddles to figure out!

What has a face but cannot speak?
It tells you the time, tick-tocking every week.

What is always in front of you but cannot be seen?
It’s the future, waiting patiently for you and me!

What has hands but cannot clap?
It opens doors for many, with a quick tap-tap.

What has a head and tail, but no body to be found?
It’s a coin, with jingling noise, tossed up and down.

What is light as a feather, but even the strongest man cannot hold it for long?
It’s a breath of air, flowing free and strong.

What is always in front of you but cannot be touched?
It’s your shadow, following you, as you’re out and about.

What has a bed but never sleeps?
It’s a garden, where secrets and stories are kept.

What is owned by you, yet used more by others?
It’s your name, carrying your identity, so smooth and feather.

So there you have it, some puzzles to make you ponder and think,
These rhyming riddles will put your mind to the test, give them a wink!

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