Romantic Valentine Messages and Wishes

Romantic Valentine Messages:

February is known as the month of love, since it’s the month that has the most known holiday of celebrating love – Valentine’s Day. A card with a meaningful Valentine’s message is a great gift to go along with flowers and chocolates, and it will show your partner that your love is intense and never-ending. Scrolling down, you will find a large choice of different valentine-themed messages to write in your card, send as a text, or post on your valentine’s social media.

Romantic Valentine Messages

Valentine’s Day is here and once again I’d love to call you mine!

When we are together, it feels like world around us stops. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dreams come true, I know this because you’re the proof that shows it. Enjoy the day, my valentine!

Every day I fall in love again, you have so many good qualities that everyone would. Happy Valentine’s!

My love, tonight you’ll receive my card and lots of kisses. Happy Valentine’s!

Sweetheart, Valentine’s day is the perfect time of showing you how much love I feel. Get ready!

So glad to have you in my life, and to call you my valentine. You make the world make sense!

May my love, hugs, and kisses find you on this day of love. Let’s celebrate!

I swear I won’t let you go and you’ll be my valentine every year!

The universe lets us be a couple, because God knows you’re the finest man, who knows how to treat his girlfriend right. So lucky to call you my valentine!

Thank you, my queen, for letting me rule as the king of your heart on this Valentine’s Day!

Very happy to wake up on Valentine’s Day and know that you’re my valentine! Kisses!

Our bond is so strong that no distance would weaken it. Our memories will always remain with us and our hearts are filled with love on this Valentine’s Day. I love you!

There is no doubt that you’re the best person I’ve ever met, and I will show it to you on this Valentine’s day.

Sweetheart, your presence is what makes my world go around and my head spin. Happy happy Valentine’s!

My dear, life would be so different without you in it, and it would be way worse without a doubt. Happy Valentine’s Day!

On some days, declarations of love are more special. I want you to know that my heart beats only for you.

Valentine Love Messages

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, my angel. I’ll fly to you as soon as you need it and you have my  love until I die. That’s a promise I can keep.

I wrote my love message in the sky, yet clouds hid it. When I wrote it in the sand, the sea took it away. The one place it is safe is your heart. My sweetest love goes out to you, precious!

Wherever you are it feels like home, and you’re my most valued treasure. Losing you would mean the end of my world. Even for a moment. I love you!

The arms that hold you close and warm, are always ready for you, dear. May hugs give you strength on this Valentine’s Day!

I dreamed of a flower, and woke up to a bouquet. I dreamed of a moment of sun, and woke up to a sunny day. Then I dreamed of love, and woke up to you. So thankful to God for giving me your love. Have a joyous Valentine’s Day!

People have fingers, so they could hold onto their lovers’ hands. My fingers will always be holding yours! Happy Valentine’s day!

My favorite book is your words, my favorite hobby is loving you, my favorite dream is the one in which we are together. Kisses and hugs, my valentine!

Loving is one thing, being loved is yet another, and being loved by someone who loves you means everything. You bring colors to my worlds and make it shine. You give me reasons to cheer and smile. Happy Valentine’s!

Romantic Valentine Messages for Girlfriend

May your life be full of love, princess! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, baby!

A day wasted is one that you don’t spend with your lover. It would be a shame to waste today, so please find my words of love and keep them by you.

A recipe for a perfect love story has two lovers willing to do whatever it takes to be with each other, and a pinch of happiness and heaven! Thank you, my sweet girl, for being with me Happy Valentine’s!

A knight protects his princess from harm, keeps her safe and protected, and brings flowers every day. Thank you for being my princess, honey! I will love you until my final breath.

Love is a roller coaster, with its ups and with its downs, but in the end, the ride is thrilling. Thank you for giving me the thrills of a lifetime, valentine!

Today is the right day to honor all girls who have found their princes. I have dreamed about finding you for years. Happy Valentine’s!

Living without you would be impossible, after everything you have done and said. Every moment together is magical and you bring me so much joy. Thank you and happy celebrations!

The only achievement that matters is finding a way to win your heart, and the best reward is your boundless love. Have a happy day today, valentine!

Romantic Valentine Wishes for Boyfriend

Air crackles with the electricity between us when we are together. It feels like magic! Have a very happy Valentine’s, {NAME}!

The coloring book that is life, gets its brightest colors from you, and songs sound the best when you sing them. My perfect BF, happy Valentine’s, and keep on being the man of all my dreams.

The best way to describe my love is not by words, but by actions, and I hope my actions show, that I can’t live life the same way without you. Your soul completes me.

Cupid shot straight for our hearts and hit the target. Every day I thank him for the opportunity he gave us and the good times we have together. You’re truly my soulmate.

The best gift for Valentine’s is your continued love. You’re the only one who makes the world spin the way it does. No one can be as understanding and caring as you.

Every day our love grows stronger, and life with you is the only future I see. My sweet boyfriend of nightly dreams, thank you for being my handsome valentine.

A heaven-made match is the best way to describe our bond, and your crime of stealing my heart will be forgiven in God’s eyes. Happy Valentine’s, my sweet pea.

Life with you, prince, is all that is needed to find Heaven on earth. So happy to enjoy your love and satisfy you. May this Valentine’s Day be full of kisses.

Your love is enchanting and your words are mesmerizing, you truly have a spell on me. My soul swells with your love today. Have a joyous Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Love Messages For Husband

My world-class husband, the way you radiate love makes my heart weak. Love you so much.

Hey handsome, if you thought you were ever gonna stop being loved, you’re wrong, because I’ll keep loving you every single day.

There’s no way to send all my thanks to God, for letting us be together and I hope he gives you His blessings, my sweet husband.

May the Almighty bless you with a long and happy relationship and a strong marriage. You being a part of me is all I ever need.

Today may be called Valentine’s Day, but so are the other 364 days of the calendar, at least in my heart!

Rubies, sapphires, my husband – all are precious gems that have extremely high value. Thank you, my precious rock, and I love you, valentine!

In a time of darkness, your love is like a candle that guides the way to safety. You always stay calm, even when the situation is hard to handle and your wife is crazy. Thank you for your endless patience. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your love makes every day as special as Valentine’s day. Your love and care as a husband is only matched by your overall treatment of those you love.

Being your wife is a blessing, and I thank God for giving me your shoulder to cry on. You’re the most amazing man I have met and I’m proud to call you my husband.

Love you even more than life, my sweet husband and valentine!

Valentine’s Day ends, but my love for you will not. You’ll feel my passion for you every day until the next Valentine’s!

Valentine Love Messages For Wife

May you feel my ever-burning love on cold winter days and may it warm your heart as much as your love warms mine. Life may take us on weird paths, but together we can overcome anything!

My wife, {NAME}, you give me so many reasons to smile, and I hope that you know you’re the best wife in the world!

The mother of our kids, the love of my life, you’re breathtaking both by looks and personality, and the way you make our home so special is one of the many reasons I love you! Happy Valentine’s, love!

God told His finest angel to find a man on earth and make him happy, and luckily you chose me! Happy valentine celebrations!

Good sides and bad, you’re lovable in every way you are. Even on days there is no reason to love you, I will still do it until my final breath.

This adventure we enjoy together is like a fun videogame, and you’re the best player to team up with! My love for you is honest and pure, tender and true!

I speak many languages, but none of them have words to describe how devoted I feel. Thank you, you make life enjoyable and worth living. Happy Valentine’s, my sweet wife.

Valentine’s Day is meant for others, because you already know I declare my love every time we are together. We will be together forever, valentine.

Our family would not be the same without you, for you love us all just the way we are. And I love you back the same way, my valentine.

You know it in your heart, but let me tell you that loving you is a necessity for considering my life complete. No other choices or options.

Romantic Valentines Day Wishes For Crush

Someone you know has a crush on you, did you know? If you’ll be my valentine, I’ll let you know who it is.

Would you be my sweet valentine? Your “yes” would make my whole year”

In a world of illusions, you are the only one who seems real. When we met, I knew I wanted you to be my Valentine.

You’re the most good-looking woman I have met, and seeing you gives me a flashback to the day we saw each other first. Happy Valentine’s!

I would follow your commands and make you happy, if you were my valentine. Accepting this offer with a kiss is everything I dream of!

This card contains a message, and also a piece of my heart. Please keep them both safe and be my valentine!

Romantic Valentine Message For Him

Hey you, perfect man, would you be my valentine today?

A man your type is hard to come by. Calling you mine is the greatest privilege of all. Happy valentine’s day!

I am happy to have found your love. I hope you love me forever. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

You know exactly how to keep me happy. This Valentine’s Day, you have my thanks for not judging me.

Happy Valentine’s, my buddy. I love how you always believe in everything I do with no doubt or hesitation.

Romantic Valentine Message For Her

Every day is better with you as a part of it, and today isn’t an exception either. Have a wondrous day today, love!

Our match on earth seems like it was made in heaven. So lucky to call such a pretty girl my own!

Dear, happy Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to believe I can spend time with a woman as gorgeous as you for the rest of my life. You’ve fulfilled my biggest wish.

My babygirl, happy Valentine’s Day. In the deepest night, you are my blazing star.

I’d like to wish my sweet angel a happy Valentine’s Day. You are everything to me. You have my undying affection, dear.

Romance and love are the main themes of Valentine’s Day, so it’s an occasion to express your unique devotion to your closest companion. Even though you don’t always have the time in your hectic daily life to express your profound thoughts of love, on significant days like Valentine’s Day, you should take good care of your loved ones. It’s a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your genuine devotion, sincere gratitude, and love for them. Valentine’s Day greetings are one of the most common ways to show your affection. Send your sweetie some love with these sweet Valentine’s Day texts and greetings! You can choose different messages to send to your crush, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or wife.

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