Roomies and Zoomies: 6 Practical Tips for Simultaneous Teaching


As remote learning continues to be prominent in our lives, numerous educators are facing the challenge of dealing with both in-person and virtual students. The combination of “roomies” (students in the classroom) and “zoomies” (students participating online) demands adaptability, creativity, and openness.

Creating an inclusive learning environment for students on both sides of the screen is crucial. Here are six practical tips to help you navigate simultaneous teaching more effectively:

1. Utilize Technology:

Harness the power of technology to engage your students both in-person and online. Interactive whiteboards, visual presentations, and live streaming options are but a few examples of tools that can enhance collaboration and interaction. Additionally, encourage students to use digital resources for note-taking or group-task completion.

2. Communication is Key:

Clarify expectations at the beginning of each class. Encourage your roomies to speak up, so Zoomies can hear their peers’ thoughts and opinions. Microphones should be set up around the classroom to facilitate this process. Moreover, give a window of time at the end of each lesson for a question-and-answer session during which Zoomies can ask questions through video or chat messages.

3. Group Work:

Incorporate a mix of group work involving both roomies and zoomies. Designate breakout rooms on video platforms like Zoom for groups to chat virtually or in-person, making sure each team has members from both formats for equal collaboration.

4. Establish Classroom Assistants:

Designate one or two students as technology assistants who help manage logistics while you focus on teaching. These assistants can help with tasks like troubleshooting technical issues or relaying information between roomies and zoomies.

5. Be Prepared:

Make sure all your content tailor-fits both learning formats by providing printed notes for physical learners and digital resources for those attending virtually. Maintain a well-organized teaching plan, considering timezones for those connecting from distant locations and recording lectures for future reference.

6. Emphasize Inclusivity:

Encourage online participation by routinely addressing both roomies’ and zoomies’ concerns. Create opportunities for virtual students to showcase their work and share their thoughts with the class. Show your appreciation for their input, reassuring them that they are valued members of the learning community.


Teaching roomies and zoomies simultaneously can be a challenging endeavor, but with proper planning and resourcefulness, you can create an inclusive environment that benefits everyone involved. Prepare in advance, embrace technology, establish clear communication channels, and incorporate group work to balance the unique needs of students within this hybrid learning model. Ultimately, it’s all about giving every student an equal opportunity to learn and contribute, regardless of their location or circumstances.

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