Runaway Teenagers – Brutal Truth On What To Do When They Come Home

When a teenager runs away from home, the family is often left feeling lost and frightened. The teenager may have had a difficult time at home and felt like running was their only way out.

Unfortunately, the teenager’s experience is not always one of joy and freedom.

Parents need to be prepared for the reality that their runaway teenager may be in danger. There is a very high rate of violence and abuse against runaway teenagers, and they may be easy targets for criminals or other predators.

The best way to prepare for the possibility of a runaway teenager is to have a plan. Have an idea of where you think the teenager may have gone and have enough money to cover any unexpected costs.

If you do find your teenager, be prepared to be supportive but firm. Make sure they know that you are not going to let them run away again and that you are going to demand that they get help from a mental health professional or a counselor.

Most importantly, keep the lines of communication open with your teenager. Be ready to listen to their concerns and offer support.

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