Scheduling Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for scheduling apps, tools, and resources that you can use in your school district? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Academic Interface – Academic Interface is easy-to-use academic planning software that can be easily integrated with existing systems, such as PeopleSoft, Banner, and DataTel. It optimizes operations, scheduling, budget allocation, and more; the software is suitable for use in course-based and program-based environments.

Administrator’s Plus – This is a cloud-based PK-12 school administrative software solution designed to be used for attendance, scheduling, online grade books, report cards, billing, and more. Student data can be viewed in real-time using demographics, grades, schedules, and discipline factors. Data can be viewed and saved in Excel format with a single click.

Agora Learning Infinity – This is a comprehensive learning management platform for you and your students. It offers a blend of learning solutions, including e-learning modules, virtual classrooms, class scheduling, and statistics collection. The cost for this platform is relatively inexpensive at $1.60 for 100 students or about 16 cents per student.

AMP – AMP is a modular solution that offers CRM, admissions management, interview scheduling, review, pre-matriculation, student records system, and more. It explicitly handles graduate program admission processes in a paperless system.

ASIMUT – This app is designed to provide an effective scheduling system for music academies, theatre, and drama schools. It is useful for both large- and small-scale music schools. It combines the three core features of art schools: timetabling, room booking, and event management.

Astra Scheduling – University of Minnesota’s Astra Scheduling is a web-based system that assists you in organizing and scheduling various school functions, whether academic or social. It helps schools and colleges with class scheduling, resource scheduling, and room book management.

Aulano – Aulano is a cloud-based school management software that features lesson scheduling, attendance tracking, and a student database. It helps you to automate the processes required to run your school. Aulano’s student self-service portal automatically updates itself using the most dynamic modules and scheduled lessons, providing timetables, downloadable course material, and more.

AyoTree – AyoTree is a cloud-based school management software intended for traditional and online schools to manage scheduling, attendance, payments, and virtual classrooms. It allows you to access your account from any device, anywhere in the world. It is available for a nominal fee with no hidden charges; provides all-day customer service, even on weekends.

BenchMark Scheduler– BenchMark Scheduler is an automated class and student scheduling software designed for schools and colleges. The website has a teacher and student version, each optimized for functions specific to their roles. Students can choose subjects and classes while teachers can manage schedules from their dashboard.

Campus Automation – This is school administration software for admission management, scheduling, attendance tracking, and accounts management, all done automatically. It has 25 integrated modules available for administrators, teachers, parents, and students, and it allows different schools under the same management to be managed from one application.

Centre SIS – Centre SIS is open-source SIS software designed to address the needs of administrators, teachers, parents, students, and clerical personnel. Centre SIS consists of modules designed for extra functionality such as school setup, student demographics, scheduling, attendance, grades and report cards, and eligibility. Additional modules are available to help you bill students by class, course, or activity.

CommunityRoot – CommunityRoot is a cloud-based childcare management solution that offers online registration, scheduling, payments, and parent engagement. Automated billing features make fee payments and discounts easier and more efficient. Report generation and account customization allow schools of all sizes to manage their schools to the best standards they can achieve.

Creatrix Campus – This cloud-based comprehensive higher education software enables manual scheduling. It also offers LMS software to manage curriculum, course material, assessment, and evaluation.

EdOptim – This system helps to increase parent engagement for schools, after-school, and preschool programs. Supports school management, integrations, and scheduling; features include text messaging and parental involvement. You can schedule online classes, ask for a review, and share feedback.

EDT – An automatic timetabling software for middle and high schools, offering a solution to surmount scheduling complexity. Teachers can make schedules on the go with built-in templates and packages.

EduManage – This is a cloud-based daycare management solution that simplifies reporting, payments, and course scheduling. It covers functions such as reporting, payments, course scheduling, and allergen tracking. The design is simple and user-friendly.

 eduSwift – EduSwift timetable management software is a school scheduling software that makes the tedious task of creating and regenerating timetables easy and fast. This system is a browser-based solution that will ease access to information. It is a complete school management system with all back-end administration functions of the school.

EZCare online childcare software – EZCare online software is designed for today’s childcare professional and makes enrollment, billing, scheduling, and parent engagement easy. It is web-based and mobile-optimized, so childcare institutions can access any data on any device.

iCare – iCare is childcare administrative software that manages billing, enrollment, attendance, scheduling, and accounting. It is a management tool for all stakeholders—owners, administrators, teachers, and parents; iCare eliminates administrative hassles and simplifies record keeping, allowing more time to focus on what’s most important.

ikolilu – This is a cloud-based school management system created to automate billing, admissions, and scheduling. iKolilu is a complete set of modular software applications that automates a school information system, eliminating redundant steps and error-prone manual interaction. iKolilu is highly customizable, with options for configuring logos,  a portal, and more.

iMagic Timetable Master – This is timetabling software designed to automate the scheduling process for schools and colleges. This app is highly configurable and can be used to create schedules that prevent clashes between tutors, classes, rooms, and it tracks class hours and analyses tutor teaching hours. You can use the export function to integrate with the latest software applications, including Excel and the web.

Infinite Campus– Look no further! Infinite Campus is the web-based living solution with the tools your school needs to make data-driven decisions. It helps your school’s administration by providing the needed tools to manage your students’ education processes effectively. It also helps in providing a wide range of curriculum planning and management tools for managing courses, setting standards, and effective scheduling.

IQ Session – IQ Session is a tool for colleges and universities can use to help with scheduling conflict-free timetables while saving time and resources using an intuitive algorithm. It provides schedules that meet minimum standard requirements and the maximum number of courses available. It is customizable to serve specific needs and works for medium and small-scale schools.

K-12 Transportation Suite – K-12 transportation suite was built for safety and accountability. The suite consists of tools necessary for parents and teachers to have a complete overview of the school’s transportation operation. Some of the tools that make up this system include a unique multi-calendar interface for scheduling and routing, a parent mobile app, bus driver management system, field trip management, and more.

Keedgo– Keedgo allows parents to be connected to their children’s after-school and youth activities for effective communication and scheduling. Keedgo is a mobile application that brings all the interactions between staff and parents to one place, thus eliminating the need for emails, phone calls, spreadsheets, and paperwork. The app is specifically designed for managers of youth organizations, parents, and students as well as general staff members.

KSAS –  This is an integrated student management system for tracking attendance, payments, course scheduling, students, documents, and more. The e-library feature allows you to upload softcopy books for your students and to download books. The program can also print student and staff IDs. Full integration allows schools to integrate their websites with KSAS.

Learning Clubhouse – This childcare management software is fully customizable and designed for childcare providers who need to simplify and automate various tasks. The app provides tools that help with scheduling, lesson planning, invoicing, check-in, and online registration. It comes with an interactive dashboard that contains features such as classroom attendance monitor and an alert system for teachers when kids need to be moved. The app helps with menu planning, staff timesheets, and daily child reports.

LearningWare – LearningWare is a Japanese-based learning management system that uses games as a tool to improve training and learning. The platform provides users with course scheduling, sales, and communication management features. The platform integrates games into training programs to improve trainees’ engagement and retention.

MAGGEY – MAGGEY is a childcare management software solution with features such as attendance tracking, food programs, scheduling, and more. This software relies on data automation to carry out its functions. Other features include child and sponsor photos, client ledgers, financial reports, year-end statements, deposit reports, and child and staff scheduling.

My School Therapy – This platform offers electronic documentation services for school therapists. My School Therapy integrates into the workflow and eliminates redundancies. It also helps to simplify scheduling and reduce paperwork.

Omniscol – Omniscol can be used to create and manage timetables. It encourages high productivity with efficient scheduling and time management.

Registromat – This tool can be used to handle all your online course registration needs regardless of the class or course type. It can also be used to create course schedules quickly and manage overall course scheduling.

RosarioSIS – RosarioSIS can be used to handle student demographics, grades, scheduling, attendance, billing, discipline, and food service modules for school management, in one web application. It can also be used to generate timely reports.

Rubycampus – This educational institution software has all the features needed for effective management. Rubycampus can also be used for lesson scheduling and course creation as well as tracking of staff activities and school finance. This tool also helps foster the relationship between parents and the school.

School Scheduling Software – This system helps schools organize learning activities and lesson plans. School Scheduling Software guides teacher performance and focuses on students’ strengths and weaknesses. It creates custom solutions for different schools.

Smart Choice Technologies – This is a comprehensive school admission management tool that provides administers student applications through online scheduling and related operations. It is designed for private, parochial, and public schools and districts of all sizes. It includes a user-friendly parent portal, online student registration, and enrollment system.  For school choice, open enrollment, and early childhood education needs, Smart Choice offers the in-class application, lottery, and waiting list management platform.

Tandem Online School Calendar – This software organizes all your school’s events within a single, online calendar and shares information with parents, students, and teachers. Tandem allows your scheduling team to enter everything into one master calendar. Now your staff will be on the same page about what teams and groups are doing events throughout your facilities.

TAO Platform – This is an open-source employment assessment solution for the public and education sector. It offers online testing, authoring, scheduling, and delivery. TAO assessment solution can help you innovate, localize, retrofit, and personalize your assessment technology to your specific requirements, which include unique item interaction types, branding and styling, custom metadata, academic standards alignment schemas, test-taker experiences, user interfaces, and more.

Victoire Scheduler – This is an online service to facilitate the creation and management of schoolmaster schedules. Create your timetables and manage your classes in a single location. With Victoire Scheduler, you enable your school personnel to focus less on scheduling and more on education.

Veracross– This app is specifically built for independent schools. It is easy to install, learn, and maintain. Veracross is a total school administration supporting your unique needs such as admissions, scheduling, attendance, grading, reporting, health, HR, after-school activities, calendars, purchase orders, and billing. It also comes with a fully integrated school information management system that connects administrators, teachers, and students.

Ten Childcare App – This is a platform for childcare centers designed to make managerial and planning easier. The main components are enrollment, attendance, scheduling, grade reporting, and transcripts. – This technology allows for Facial recognition on their App at a record speed of 0.3 seconds. This is a great solution for tracking attendance.

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