School Admissions Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for school admission’s apps, tools, and resources that you can use in your district? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Element451 – This system is designed to automate and simplify the student admission process. The system facilitates seamless communication between the school and students throughout the admission process. It provides straightforward, mobile-friendly applications for school admission, academic programs, and scholarships; schools can combine and customize modules for a better experience.

Smart Choice Technologies – This is a comprehensive school admission management tool that provides administers student applications through online scheduling and related operations. It is designed for private, parochial, and public schools and districts of all sizes. It includes a user-friendly parent portal, online student registration, and enrollment system.  For school choice, open enrollment, and early childhood education needs, Smart Choice offers the in-class application, lottery, and waiting list management platform.

Slate – This is a higher education admission platform designed to manage and read online applications, manage student records, and organize events and travel.  This is a CRM tool that reviews and manages all interactions, communications, applications, test scores, relationships, and materials.

SudoSchool – This is a comprehensive cloud-based school management solution to manage admissions, accounts, academics, library, infirmary, and more. Key features include SSL security, user-friendly interface, automated backups, customizable modules, portal, and apps. SudoSchool provides employees with the power to create, control, and maintain data corresponding to their roles with the same level of ease and authority.

Workday Student  – This is web-based campus management software that combines student recruiting, admissions, curriculum management, and student financials. Features include academic foundation, student recruiting, student admissions, curriculum management, student records, academic advising, financial aid, and student financials. With Workday Student, you can build creative learning spaces that engross students and offer more dynamic, engaging learning environments.

Web-School ERP – This is PHP-based school management and administrative software developed to cater to the needs of the educational sector. Features include management support for admissions, teachers, parents, school website, attendance, fees, exams, and results, email/SMS alerts, homework, payroll, HR, and online examinations.

Veracross– This app is specifically built for independent schools. It is easy to install, learn, and maintain. Veracross is a total school administration supporting your unique needs such as admissions, scheduling, attendance, grading, reporting, health, HR, after-school activities, calendars, purchase orders, and billing. It also comes with a fully integrated school information management system that connects administrators, teachers, and students.

USX Admissions – This is a paperless, fully customizable web-based admissions software solution for schools, colleges, and universities; it helps to streamline processes and workflows when managing multiple admissions routes. The software engineering methods include a test-driven approach to application building, rapid prototyping, and continuous deployment.

TrueDialog – This SMS texting platform is explicitly designed for universities and colleges. It includes a free multichannel emergency alert system. TrueDialog is a full-featured, cloud-based software with reporting, admin controls, and one-to-millions or one-to-one conversations at scale. Features include admissions, retention, campus, and alumni.

TADS Admissions & Enrollment – This is an integrated, web-based solution for tuition, admission, enrollment, financial aid, and school management for private and public schools. With TADS Admissions tools, your school can effortlessly track family progress, read essays, keep track of class sizes, view submitted documentation, and accept or decline applicants. 

SwiftAssess – An assessment authoring, management, delivery, and tracking platform for teachers, schools, universities, and professional training. With SwiftAssess, you get the following: automating admission, transforming students’ course work and activities, continuous professional development, and accreditation compliance. SwiftAssess brings a new dimension to the way students are evaluated and aligned with common core standards.

School Admin – SchoolAdmin is an admission and enrollment management solution designed to help independent schools. Its system can be customized to the size of different schools. It helps to track and handle all aspects of school management.

School Administration Made Easy – School Administration Made Easy is a management system that can be applied to schools, camps, and small businesses or enterprises. This app fosters interaction between parents and the school administration. It offers a high level of flexibility that helps schools to achieve their goals and objectives.

School App On Demand – This is a modular system that provides support for school registration, admission, fee management, reporting, student/teacher attendance, and other options.

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