Science Vocabulary Activities for Middle School

In middle school, students are expected to develop an understanding of science concepts and vocabulary. This can be accomplished through a variety of activities, including vocabulary activities.

1. Personal Glossary

Have students take notes on key science vocabulary with a personal glossary! A helpful way to start a chapter is to front-load terms…and it’s simple! Have students keep a journal, you give the word and definition, and they draw an illustration.

More Information: Differentiated Teaching

2. Concept Mapping

This activity helps with concept building and is great for use at the end of a unit. This example is an ecosystem resource. The students build a sort of web-based on the ecosystem. The students are given the list of words they should use, and you will need to model a map for them prior.

More Information: Mrs. Harris Teaches

3. Truth or Dare

Bingo is an easy and fun game for all ages! Using definitions in each square, students will be given the word by the teacher. They then have to decide which is the correct answer. This one is on ecosystems!

More Information: Bingo Baker

4. List, Group, Label Graphic Organizer

Pre-reading activities are helpful when using a lot of science-specific terms. Give students a list of target vocab they will focus on. Then students will group the key terms into what they think makes sense and label them. It will help to identify words they are already familiar with and as they read, they can make corrections.

More Information: AdLit

5. Choice Menu

A choice menu is similar to a choice board but in list form. You can dictate how many items students must complete and they check them off the list as they do them. It gives students some autonomy while learning their words!

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