Secure Attachment: 9 Signs

Secure attachment is a strong emotional bond between an infant and a caregiver. It helps infants develop a secure base of security and a positive self-image. It is also associated with healthy development and better mental health. Secure attachment is typically achieved by around 18 months of age but can be developed earlier or later depending on the child’s environment and development.

9 Signs of Secure Attachment

1. The infant appears to be comfortable and calm when in the presence of the caregiver.

2. The infant responds positively to touch and is responsive to voice.

3. The infant willingly interacts with the caregiver and is not resistant or clingy.

4. The infant shows a strong preference for being with the caregiver rather than with other people or objects.

5. The infant demonstrates a strong sense of self-awareness and autonomy.

6. The infant shows a strong understanding of the caregiver’s intentions and expressions.

7. The infant interacts positively with other people even if they are not the caregiver.

8. The infant’s mood is stable and does not vary greatly from day to day.

9. The infant experiences few or no episodes of crying or tantrums.

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