Self-Regulation: Development and Practice

Self-regulation is a term often thrown around by social researchers and scientists. In short, it refers to the ability of a person to control their urges, behavior, emotions, and thoughts when they are in pursuit of a specific goal. On top of this, self-regulation includes the ability to cheer yourself up after experiencing failure or disappointment. 

In this article, we will be discussing the development of self-regulation and why it is so important. We will also mention a few useful strategies that you could use to improve your self-regulation

Development Of Self-Regulation

We start developing our self-regulation from the moment that we are born. This is an essential skill that we use in our everyday life. To mature and grow as a person, we need to learn to self-regulate. 

As a young child, you are likely to have thrown a few tantrums. However, as you get older, you learn how to deal with emotions and control your impulses. For example, if something doesn’t go the way you had hoped, you are likely to be unhappy about it, but you fight the urge to scream and shout. 

Why Self-Regulation Is So Important

Self-regulation is one of the most critical skills that a person can learn on their journey to become a mature, responsible adult. 

We think more rationally when we self-regulate – for this reason, we will be less likely to make poor decisions that we will regret in the future, such as saying something hurtful to a close friend. Also, self-regulation allows us to act accordingly concerning our deep morals and principles. 

Effective Strategies For Self-Regulation

There are a few ways in which you can go about improving your self-regulation:

  • Be mindful – when you are in a difficult situation, you must remember to be mindful. This means that you take your emotions and feelings into account and try your best to understand them. Once you have done this, you can try to find a solution to the problem without acting irrationally. 
  • Take a moment to think before you act – you must think about what you will do before you do it. Always try to picture the consequences of your actions, which should prevent you from doing irrational things. 

Concluding Thoughts

Self-regulation refers to our ability to control our emotions, feelings, actions, and thoughts, and we begin developing this skill at birth. To improve your ability to self-regulate, you should be mindful and think before you act.

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