Seven Reasons Not to Aim for Elite Colleges

College is a big investment. Don’t aim for the top colleges if you don’t have a good plan for getting there. Here are seven reasons not to aim for elite colleges:

1. Elite colleges are expensive. You might not be able to afford to attend.

2. Elite colleges are selective.
They have higher admissions standards than other colleges, so you’ll need excellent grades and test scores to be accepted.

3. Elite colleges are competitive.
You’ll need to compete for admission with students who have better qualifications than you.

4. Elite colleges are prestige-driven.
They’re focused on prestige and status, not on providing a good education.

5. Elite colleges are full.
You’ll likely have to compete for admission even if you have great grades and test scores.

6. Elite colleges are often too far away.
Unless you have a very good financial plan, you’ll likely have to spend a lot of money to attend one.

7. Elite colleges do not always provide good value.
You might not get a good return on your investment if you attend one.

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