Share the Research Behind Education Technology

Education technology is a prevalent tool used in many contemporary classrooms all over the world. Educators rely more and more on tech to generate a deeper understanding of work in their lessons. 

There is lots of evidence that suggests that education technology is helpful when used correctly. This piece will discuss the research on designing and creating a successful and useful education technology tool.

What Do the Learners Need Help With?

All designers look into when creating a new education technology tool is who the product is for and what they need help with. 

For example, if the designer wants to make a tool useful in a Mathematics class, they should investigate the most significant needs in a math class. Does the tool make it easier to draw graphs? Will it be able to solve algebraic equations that cannot be inputted into a calculator? These are all questions that the designer will need to ask themselves. 

One issue that an education technology tool has tackled is the lack of communication and collaboration between online learners.

What Format Do Learners Respond Best To?

There are different types of learning formats out there that suit different types of learners. For example, some learners prefer learning through videos or images, while others learn better verbally. The education technology designer will need to consider what format their tool will be presented in when teaching learners. 

Is It Easy to Use the Tool?

An education technology tool will only be popular if it is easy to use and convenient for the educator. Even though most schools ensure that educators understand how tech works by offering education technology coaching, it will still be a big issue if the product is hard to use. 

Designers will need to keep usability in mind when working on their new education technology tools. 

Education technology is becoming an increasingly essential part of contemporary-day education. Lots of research needs to happen for a new education technology tool to be successful.

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