Should I Stay or Should I Quit? How Six Different Teachers Decided


Teaching can be one of the most rewarding careers, shaping the minds and lives of countless young people. However, it is also challenging, with responsibilities and pressures that can lead many educators to question their decision to enter the field. In this article, we will examine the stories of six different teachers who faced the critical dilemma of whether to continue teaching or pursue other opportunities.

1) Alice: Chasing her dream career

Alice had wanted to be a teacher since her childhood, and after earning her degree, she found a position teaching English at a local high school. For several years, she enjoyed connecting with her students and helping them grow. However, Alice’s true passion was film production. After a few years of committed teaching, she decided to pursue a master’s degree in film studies and now teaches at a prestigious film academy. For Alice, the decision was about following her dreams and aligning her career with her lifelong passion.

2) Brian: The burnt-out educator

Brian had been teaching in an underprivileged school for more than 20 years when he realized that he was beginning to show signs of burnout. Despite being well-liked by students and fellow staff members alike, he experienced a constant sense of stress due to the lack of resources and support. Ultimately, after much soul searching, Brian decided to leave teaching in favor of working on educational policy in an attempt to bring about broader change.

3) Caroline: The revitalized teacher

Caroline taught science at the middle school level for five years when she began feeling overwhelmed by administrative duties that took away from her actual teaching. Instead of leaving the profession altogether, Caroline explored different ways to re-engage with her love for teaching and rediscover her passion for science. This exploration led her to accept a position as an experiential learning coordinator within her district, where she can now create unique learning experiences for students and rekindle her love for teaching.

4) Derek: The entrepreneur

With a background in business administration, Derek taught economics to high school students. While teaching, he always harbored dreams of someday starting his own business. After three years, he made the decision to quit teaching and launch his startup. Today, his company is thriving and employs several fellow teachers who have the same entrepreneurial aspirations.

5) Emily: Pursuing a family-first priority

After 15 years of successful teaching experience in elementary and special education settings, Emily encountered personal challenges when becoming a mother. Juggling between her career and growing family responsibilities, she deliberated on whether to stay or quit. Eventually, she decided to take an extended leave to focus on raising her children but later returned to teaching part-time once her children were older.

6) Frank: Simply taking a break

Becoming increasingly disenchanted with the state of the education system, Frank began questioning whether it was still the right choice for him. Instead of completely quitting, he took a sabbatical to travel and engage in volunteer work overseas. During this time, he gained new perspectives that ultimately reinvigorated his passion for teaching and inspired him to return with fresh ideas.


The decision to stay or quit teaching often involves an evaluation of personal priorities, values, and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all answer as each individual’s situation is unique. By understanding various aspects of their lives – including family life, financial stability, mental health – educators can make informed decisions in navigating their careers and finding fulfilment in their professional lives.

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