Should Parents Be Concerned About Violent Play?

It is no secret that children are harmed by violent play. This type of play can cause physical, emotional, and social harm to children. It can also lead to social problems in the future such as higher rates of crime.

The benefits of violent play should not be overemphasized, however. In some cases, it can be a fun and safe way for children to explore their abilities and skills. It can also help them learn about healthy and unhealthy patterns of behavior.

There are, however, some risks associated with violent play. These include:

-Children can be injured or killed during play.

-Children can develop negative attitudes toward violence and other strong emotions.

-Children can learn to be aggressive and violent towards others.

-Children can learn how to be quick to anger and fight.

Parents should be concerned about the potential harms of violent play and how it can impact their children in the future. They should also be aware of the resources available to them to help them better care for their children.

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