Sidewalk Chalk Activities to Stop Summer Boredom

Sidewalk chalk activities are great for stopping summer boredom and having fun on your sidewalk. Whether you simply want to add a few pieces of chalk to the mix or want to create a more elaborate design, a chalkboard can be a fun and entertaining way to keep your sidewalk clean and entertaining. Here are a few simple tips for creating a chalkboard sidewalk activity:
1. Invite the Neighborhood on a Treasure Hunt

Children will enjoy creating a fun and interactive chalk treasure hunt. They can spend the entire summer creating these for each other and the neighborhood. Planning the treasure hunt beforehand can be a great activity to encourage forward planning and organizational skills.

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2. Color Hop for Toddlers

This fun game is a perfect activity for toddlers. Draw out circles of different colors and then call out a color for children to hop to. You can easily adapt this activity also to shape or letter recognition tasks.

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3. Chalk Color Sorting Game

This toddler-approved activity is a perfect introduction to sorting activities. Using different colored chalks, draw circles and then task children with finding items and objects and then sorting them into circles based on their colors.

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4. Make Your Own Board Game 

Create your own super-sized game board with this fun sidewalk chalk idea. From snakes and ladders to monopoly, depending on how much time you have and the age of the players, you can adapt this activity to play just about any board game.

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5. Number Rocks Counting Activity

Outdoor chalk activities make for the perfect opportunity to play educational games. This activity is a superb example of math in action for preschoolers as they place the number of rocks in each circle depending on what number is in the circle. This is a fantastic opportunity to reinforce counting using concrete materials.

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