Simple & Easy Hollywood Essay Topics

Simple & Easy Hollywood Essay Titles

  1. Women In 1950’s Hollywood Films: The Hayse Code and the Changing Roles of Women
  2. The House of Un-American Activities Committee, Hollywood, and the Red Scare
  3. The Theory of Hollywood Commercializing Books and How Filmmakers Use the Technique in the Movies
  4. The Key Genre Elements That Make Superhero Movies Successful for Hollywood
  5. The Hollywood Star System and Its Importance to Society
  6. The Hollywood Film Industry and Television Stations
  7. The Put-On Accents in Hollywood Movies and TV Shows
  8. The Elements That Make an Independent Film and Its Contrast from the Hollywood Films
  9. Why Hollywood’s Perception of Teenage Pregnancy is Flawed
  10. The Digital Revolutions Brought by Computer Graphics in the Case of Hollywood
  11. The Influence of Hollywood Films on the Indian Youth and Culture
  12. The Founding Pioneers of the New Hollywood Era Essay
  13. The Spark of the Rise of Product Placement in Hollywood Films in the 1920s to 1930s
  14. The Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Hollywood Cinema
  15. The Portrayal of Lucifer: Biblical Versus Hollywood Movies
  16. The Hollywood Production Code of the Film Industry
  17. The Cultural Differences between Pretty Woman and Hollywood
  18. What Does Hollywood Think Nonprofit CEOs Do All Day? Screen Depictions of NGO Management
  19. The Phenomenon of Globalization and Hollywood
  20. Vancouver-Hollywood North vs. the Loss of Canadian Identity
  21. The Journey of the Gershwin Brothers from Broadway to Hollywood
  22. The Evolvement of Chinese Stereotypes Representative in Hollywood Movies
  23. Understanding Hollywood’s Organization and Continuing Success
  24. The Hollywood Blacklist, Its Effect on the US and USSR Relationship, and Its Impact on Entertainers

Good Essay Topics on Hollywood

  1. The Politics of Gender and Class in Contemporary Hollywood Films
  2. The Native American Stories of Shapeshifters Adopted by Hollywood
  3. The Post-Modern Reality of Hollywood
  4. The Relative Power of Chinese Cinema Vis-a-Vis Hollywood
  5. The Hollywood Interpretation of Urban America
  6. The Idea of Artificiality in Hollywood Fiction and in Los Angeles
  7. What Makes Hollywood Run? Capitalist Power, Risk, and the Control of Social Creativity
  8. Terrence Malick’s “The Thin Red Line” and Hollywood’s Traditional Depictions of War
  9. The Rise of a Confident Hollywood: Risk and the Capitalization of Cinema
  10. White Hollywood and the Roles of the Director, Producers, Actors, and Creative Team
  11. Voiceless Natives in 1950s Hollywood: An Interrogation of Broken Arrow
  12. Women in Hollywood: Pre-Code and Post-War Eras
  13. The Big Picture: The New Logic of Money and Power in Hollywood
  14. Vanessa Ewing – Feminism in Mainstream Hollywood Cinema
  15. The Transformation of Hollywood to Digital Mode and the Advancements in Animation
  16. The Relationship between African American Cinema and Hollywood
  17. The Differences between 21st-Century Hollywood Musicals and Classical Hollywood Musicals
  18. The Use of Classical Hollywood Theory in Die Hard
  19. Women’s Roles in Classical Hollywood Cinema
  20. The White Savior Complex, Neo-Racism, White-Washing, and Hollywood
  21. The Portrayal of Young Black Men in Hollywood Films
  22. Why the Film the Man of Steel is a Classical Hollywood Film
  23. The Hollywood Red Scare: An Attack on the Labor and Progressive Politics of Hollywood
  24. The Significance of Diversity in the Entertainment Industry in Hollywood Shuffle, a Movie by Robert Townsend
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