Simple & Easy Music Essay Topics

Simple & Easy Music Essay Topics

  1. Kirk Franklin and Gospel Music
  2. Woodstock Music Festival
  3. An Analysis of Music Theory
  4. Classic Rocks and Gangsta Rap: Music Analysis
  5. Music as a Relaxation Technique
  6. Takeaway Listening Test: The Sounds of Music
  7. Pop Music, Pop Culture by Chris Rojek
  8. Musical Education and the Laws by Plato
  9. The Cattle Drivers’ Music
  10. Music in Saudi Arabia
  11. Diving into the Secrets of the Korean Music
  12. Balkan Fascination: Creating an Alternative Music Culture in America by Mirjana Lausevic
  13. Music Types in the United States
  14. Music: Cape Breton Fiddling
  15. Music Event: Eurovision Song Contest, 2014
  16. The Music Band’s Parmalee Promotion
  17. Music Art: La Cathédrale Engloutie by Claude Debussy
  18. Women in Hip-Hop Music: A Provocative and Objectified Gender Roles
  19. Music Comparison: “Posse on Broadway” by Sir Mix-a-Lot,Joe Metroby Blue Scholars, and “The Town” by Macklemore
  20. Chicano Music in American-Mexican Culture
  21. Taylor Swift’s New Music Video “Blank Space”
  22. How Baroque Era Influence the Music World
  23. Music Video: “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj
  24. Music and Its Effects on Culture
  25. Rock Music of the 1970s
  26. Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke Music Comparison
  27. Music Value and Impact
  28. Music, Media, and Culture Effects on Aggressive Behavior
  29. Music: “The London Symphonies” by Joseph Haydn
  30. Bossa Nova and Smooth Jazz Music Comparison
  31. The History of Modern Chinese Music
  32. Music Talent Shows and the American Dream
  33. Music Industry: Apple’s iTunes and Profitability
  34. Radiohead’s Music Influence
  35. Baroque Music Concert – Haendel: La Resurrection
  36. Indigenous Celtic Music: Preservation and Revival
  37. Rock Music as a Unique Cultural Phenomenon
  38. Personality and Music Preferences
  39. The Music Recording Industry in Canada
  40. The Culture of Electronic Dance Music
  41. The Wollongong Music Festival Arranging
  42. Jazz Live Music Concert at Catalina Jazz Club
  43. Bundling and Distribution of Digitized Music Over the Internet
  44. Louis Armstrong’s Contribution to Jazz Music
  45. The Role of Music in Cinematography
  46. The Effectiveness of Music for Cancer Patients
  47. The Ars Antiqua Music Concept
  48. Music’s Role in Personal and Social Identities
  49. Los Angeles and Seattle’s Music in 80s to the 90s
  50. Disco, Rock, Jazz and Popular Music: Comparison
  51. Modern Music Development in the USA
  52. Baroque Mark in Today’s Music
  53. Music Video “Mockingbird” by Eminem
  54. Music and Society: “Eminem Is Right” by Mary Eberstadt
  55. Ableton Live Software Application in Music Performance
  56. Musical Compositions’ Stylistics & Social Context
  57. Paul Simon’s Music Style
  58. Frank Zappa’s Life and Music

Unique Music Topics for Essays

  1. Korean Pop Music and Youth Identity
  2. Javanese Music: Its History and Aspects
  3. Music Band “Mahotella Queens”
  4. Psychology: Music’s Role in Family Engagement
  5. Music Industry & Technology: Benefits and Threats
  6. The Role of Music in Films
  7. Music Production: History and Changes
  8. Music Sampling: Concept and History
  9. Lalo Guerrero: The Father of Chicano Music
  10. Louis Armstrong’s and Bix Beiderbecke’s Jazz Music
  11. Personality and Music Preference
  12. Castrato in Music: History and Famous Singers
  13. Economic and Music Industry’s Relationship in South Africa
  14. Auto-Tune Technology in Music: Physics and Ethics
  15. BBC Radio 6 Music Company Analysis
  16. Role of Music in Our Life
  17. Music Technology in Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd’s Songs
  18. How Music Affects the Brain?
  19. Sight Singing: Learning Approaches and Music
  20. iTunes Music Pricing: Apple’s Managerial Decisions
  21. Jazz Music Popularization in Chinese Culture
  22. Duke Ellington: Life and Music Principles
  23. Music Curriculum: Its Elements, and Difficulties
  24. MTV’s Revolution in the Music Industry
  25. Music Programs and Monetary Barriers in Schools
  26. Classical and Contemporary Music Comparison
  27. Socialist Realism: Limitations in Soviet Music
  28. Music in the “Pearl Harbor” Film by Michael Bay
  29. Renaissance Music Shift from Sacred to Secular
  30. Achille-Claude Debussy’s Music as the Best Present
  31. Piano Music, Baroque, and Nationalism Influences
  32. Global Music: Mass Communication
  33. Music in Jean-Jacques Beneix’s Film “Diva”
  34. Popular Music and Accompanying Visual Representation
  35. The Dynamic between Popular Music’s Sound and Look
  36. Enigma’s “Return to Innocence” Music Video
  37. The Social Impact of Reggae Music
  38. Music’s Role in Memory and Learning Processes
  39. Old School Hip Hop vs. New Hip Hop Music
  40. Music and Human Memory Connection
  41. Qirong Xu on Music, Culture, and Musicians’ Problems
  42. Music Influence on Feeling Movie Scenes
  43. Fashion in Clothing, Music, and Moods
  44. Music’s Role in Culture
  45. Rock’n’Roll: Musical Genre of the Twentieth Century
  46. The Changing Nature of the Music Industry
  47. Music Industry: History of Technological Developments in Storage Devices
  48. Music in Mathematics, Finance, and Economics
  49. Afro-American Influence on Western Music Development
  50. Special and Inclusive Music Education
  51. Music Therapy as a Social Work Intervention
  52. Managerial Decisions: iTunes Music Pricing
  53. Mozart: Requiem in D Minor, K. 626
  54. Mystery Compositions in Church Music
  55. Musical Compositions: Sounds and Aural Experiences
  56. Effect of Unexpected Musical Encounter
  57. Music of 17th/18th Century
  58. History of Jamaican Music
  59. Pomona College Choir Classical Music Concert
  60. Creative Arts and Music Lesson Plan and Activities
  61. Music Perception and Cognition
  62. Artists in Jazz Music and Dance Development
  63. Music Styles and Their Differences
  64. Gustav Holst’s Music “The Planets”
  65. Social Constructions and Hip-Hop Music
  66. American Popular Music History
  67. Music Concrete and Post-War Technology Development
  68. Free Improvisation and Experimental Music
  69. Classical Music Concerts: Video Report
  70. The Studio and Pre-Recorded Music Usage
  71. Commercial Music for Listeners: Poster Discussion
  72. Music Distribution Revolution

Interesting Music Topics to Write about

  1. Music and Brain Functioning
  2. Music Business Website Research
  3. “Baroque Music of Bologna” Compositions
  4. Francois Couperin’s Baroque Music
  5. Gogoyoko Music Selling Company’s Marketing Plan
  6. Music Genre Influence on the Heart Rate
  7. Music Intervention’s Effect on Falls in a Dementia Unit
  8. Parmalee Music Band’s Marketing in Social Networks
  9. Anglo-American Folk Music Revival
  10. Online Music Store’s Website Development Planning
  11. Sex in Music Compositions and Videos
  12. Music in Films: Compositions, Soundtracks, and Themes
  13. Spotify Music Service and Its Suggestions
  14. Plant Growth and Development with Music
  15. Psychology: Music’s Role in Life
  16. Music in Lady Windermere’s Fan and Atonement Films
  17. Music in Films: The Shawshank Redemption
  18. Music Streaming Industry and Trend Analysis
  19. Women’s Contribution to Rock Music Development
  20. Classical Music: Cultural Consumption and Cultural Diversity
  21. Film Music and Its Role in Perception
  22. MTV Channel and Music Video Genre
  23. Jazz Music Concert and Theatrical Performance
  24. Russian Music by Glazunov, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Glière
  25. Romantic Music: Frédéric Chopin and Robert Schumann
  26. Jazz Music Development Since 1945
  27. Antonio Vivaldi: The Study of Music
  28. A Brief History of the Music Industry
  29. Classical Symphony and Classical Chamber Music
  30. Basic Elements of Music
  31. Film Music Evolution in the United States
  32. Fela Kuti: Music Is the Weapon
  33. The Art of Electronic Music: Live Performances
  34. Music: Motet’s Inception through Josquin’s Works
  35. Tupac and Gender: Sexuality in His Music
  36. How Pop Radio Programming Defines Music
  37. Music Industry-Related Issues in Economics
  38. City Music Reflected in Urban Processes & Places
  39. Art and Music: Benefits to Society
  40. Electroacoustic: Popular Music Among New-age Listeners
  41. Social Aspect of Music: The Flairs Band
  42. Vivaldi’s Venice: Music and Theatre in 18th Century
  43. Country Music in the Southern United States
  44. Meaning of Musical Ekphrasis
  45. 18th-Century Music Comparative Analysis
  46. Music: A Few Canonic Variations by Joseph Kerman
  47. Musical Expression and Sexual Selection
  48. Music Censorship in the United States
  49. Freedom of Speech and Expression in Music
  50. Bluegrass Music in US Immigrants
  51. Western Music: Bela Bartok, a Hungarian Composer
  52. The Evolution of Music: Brief Review
  53. Britten’s Music Impact on Composer’s Political Beliefs
  54. Chopin: Musician Who Had Affected Romanticism Music
  55. Afro-Latin Music and Dancing: Rumba, Chamame Genre, Salsa
  56. Rock as a Part of Music Art
  57. Instrumental Scottish Music: Scottish Fiddling
  58. George Straight: Music Legend
  59. Music in Different Eras Analysis
  60. Music Appreciation: Reggae Music and Classical Music
  61. Music Appreciation. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  62. New Approaches to Music Marketing
  63. Music: Its Definition and Evolution
  64. Music and the French Revolution
  65. French Revolution and the European Music
  66. The Music of the 60s and How it Became So Big

Insightful Music Titles for Essays

  1. Why We Shouldn’t (Don’t) Pay for Online Music
  2. Spanish Gypsy Flamenco Music and Its History
  3. Music: Evolution Factors of Technology and Drugs
  4. Nineteenth-Century Musical Nationalism: Important Milestones
  5. Nationalism and 19th-Century Music
  6. Avant-Garde as a Movement in Jazz Music
  7. Origins of Popular Music
  8. Hip-Hop Culture and Music
  9. Different Styles in World Music
  10. Music Education: Historical Research
  11. Charles Ives and His Music
  12. Music Education: Aesthetic and Paraxial Theories
  13. How Sources Inform People’s Understanding of Music
  14. Aliens’ Point of View on Music
  15. The Salsa: Music and Dance Review
  16. How Does Piracy Affect the Music Industry?
  17. Music Education and Rock Music
  18. Music: Studio-Based Surround Systems
  19. Nineteenth-Century Music: Virtuoso Performances
  20. Québécois Music: Distinction from English Canada Music
  21. African Influence in Music of Puerto Rico
  22. George Gershwin’s Life and Jazz Music
  23. Canadian Music Production Industry
  24. In and Around Canadian Music
  25. Canadian Music and Its Spread
  26. Canadian Women and Music Industry
  27. Music Industry in Canada
  28. Music in Controversial Modern Culture
  29. Elements of Music: Different Tones and Rhythms
  30. Sociology of Female Music
  31. Rock and Roll’s Influence on Modern Music
  32. Classical Music: Merriam’s Tripartite Model of Music
  33. Hogaku: Traditional Japanese Music
  34. Female Body Objectification in the Music Industry
  35. Traditional Korean Music and Culture
  36. Music and Its Basic Features
  37. Shaped by Politics: Charles Ives’s Music
  38. Specifics of Jazz Music Analysis
  39. Music of Hong Kong After 1945
  40. The Richness of Musical Art
  41. Music as Concept Analysis
  42. Rap as a Music Genre
  43. Music Styles: Difference and Similarity of Styles
  44. The Importance of Developing Musical Skills
  45. Music and Its Impact on Our Lives
  46. Debussy’s Influence on Symphonic Music
  47. The Diversity of the Baroque Music
  48. Music: Orchestras Nowadays
  49. Flamenco Music and Dance History: Spanish Carte-De-Visite Born in Andalusia
  50. Music and Its Political Nature
  51. Popular American Music in the Mid-19th Century
  52. Music and Art Critique: Recordings and Prints
  53. Music in China and Some East Asian Countries
  54. Music and Memory
  55. Discovery of the American Music
  56. Music and Extra-Musical Forces
  57. The Comparison of Prokofiev and Giovanni Music

Music Essay Questions

  1. Can Music Control Teens?
  2. Are Mathematics, Logic, and Music Languages?
  3. Can Music Bridge the Economic Gap in Education?
  4. Are the Measures Taken Against Illegal Music Downloading Effective?
  5. Who Manipulates the Music Industry?
  6. Are Society’s Ills the Fault of Rock Music?
  7. Can the Music Industry Adapt to the Digital Future?
  8. Can Music Help Recover Sick Patients through Psychotherapy?
  9. How Did Music from the Late Period Influence Composers?
  10. What Is Music and Music Therapy?
  11. Can Music Foster Learning?
  12. Can Music Therapy Improve Stress Anxiety?
  13. What Is Digital Music Distribution, and Why Is It Significant?
  14. What Are the Characteristics of Baroque Music?
  15. What Role Does Cinematic Music Play in Creating Tension?
  16. Can the Music Industry Survive Despite Piracy?
  17. What Way Is Better to Spread Music around the World?
  18. Can Music Influence the World?
  19. Are Electro-Acoustics and the Vernacular Music the Largest Developments in 20TH Century Music?
  20. Why Does Bach’s Music Still Hold Its Popularity?
  21. Can Preference for Background Music Mediate the Irrelevant?
  22. Why Music Matters in the History of Slavery?
  23. Are Current Actions Taken Effective in Reducing Online Music Piracy?
  24. Are Popular and Classical Music Listeners the Same People?
  25. Can Music Affect the Way We Speak?
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