Six Brain Breaks To Reenergize Students

Brain breaks are necessary for students to boost their energy levels and to keep them focused and motivated. Especially now, brain breaks are essential when kids are glued to screens during online classes.

If you are a parent or a teacher concerned about resetting your students’ energy levels, here are six educational brain breaks that you can incorporate.

1. Yoga Break

It is wise to familiarize kids with exercise at an early stage. What better way to do so than by incorporating yoga in classes as a brain break? Take a short 5-minute break from studies and ask students to sit in a comfortable, cross-legged position. 

Then teach them fun and easy stretching poses. Keep reminding them to concentrate on their breathing. This is just what the kids need after a long period of sitting in one place. It will give their backs a nice stretch, and the deep breathing would make them more relaxed.

2. Just Jump

If you notice that the class’s energy is going low, the best way to excite the students is to incorporate some play. Ask them to stand up at their spots and jump. They may hesitate at first, but this is such a fun exercise that they are sure to enjoy once they start it. This will make them energetic and ready to learn and engage again.

3. Focus On Sound

This is an easy activity that students can carry out while remaining seated at their place. Play a chime or soulful tune on your phone. Ask your students to carefully listen to it as its vibration reverberates through their body. Tell them to only focus on listening to the sound and their breathing. This activity is not only easy but also incredibly relaxing.

4. Watch A Fun Video

Most students love watching videos and movies in class. Revitalize their energy by showing them a fun video. “How are they made?” are always a hit. You can watch how crayons, chocolates, Legos, and other things are made.

5. Doodle

Kids are creative, but their creativity remains unnurtured when they get busy with academics. Set a timer for 5 minutes and tell them to silently doodle whatever they wish. Making something without instructions and following their instincts help nurture students’ skills. A break from studying also refreshes them.

6. Take A Comedy Break

Comedy always works! If you are short on time, play a short humorous video to bring up the class’s energy. Also, you can ask the students to volunteer to share jokes or ask for fun riddles. Interaction amongst students certainly makes them excited.

Concluding Thoughts

One class after the other can mentally and physically exhaust students. Teachers and parents must incorporate brain breaks as they help students get refreshed. Use any of the activities listed above and see for yourself how they help in reenergizing the students.

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