Social Networking Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for social networking apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Edmodo– While social networking has received its fair share of criticism about the bad influence it tolerates, this app is unlike all that. Edmodo is a powerful tool that can be used to pool the creative thinking of students. It helps them think critically while fostering student-teacher partnerships to create projects.

EduStruct– This platform creates a virtual learning structure for elementary and higher learning institutions. The platform provides a social networking service for schools to create and manage their content to be globally relevant.

Quiz ME Online– QuizMe Online is a social networking website that allows students and teachers to come together to achieve success. The site is built on the belief that when students, teachers, and others with an educational interest come together to accomplish a common goal, each student has a better chance at achieving their resolutions.

Meetup– If you have a hobby or something you would love to share with others, you can use the Meetup app to get the word out. This is the largest group networking app available; all you do is collaborate with other members and meet up face-to-face for discussions or group outings. Whether you love archery, knitting, writing, or collecting rare Star Wars figurines, there may be hundreds of groups in your area just waiting for you to join.

Bookopolis Book Search– This is a social network for young readers with a built-in book discovery feature. Teachers can use this platform to build a society of readers and writers from their classes. Students can partake in book reviews and critical thinking to develop opinion writing. Teachers can track and critique a student’s work. The BookQuest option is useful for finding new book reading suggestions.

eChalk A simple K-12 app platform used to guide and pass out information. It provides an enabling environment for users to have access to an all-in-one learning tool, encouraging teamwork in a professional level. Teachers can use this app to distribute information to parents and the community at large using email and a secured social network.

edWeb– A social network of school administrators, educators, and stakeholders. This is a forum where educators share, learn, and devise new ways to foster better education for students. Educators can join this platform for free, and they can create their network of people with whom they share ideas and innovations. The edWeb network has over 75,000 members and more than online 800 societies.

Mendeley– Mendeley is a social network that allows you to organize your documents, references, research, and papers with a quick click. You can even collaborate with other users through this software, making it your productivity hub.

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