Social Reconstructionism: Everything You Need to Know

This is an ideology in education that suggests that education can be used to solve social issues. This is because the schooling system has great influence over a child’s philosophies and ideology as well as their intellectual development. Social reconstructionists believe that creating a generation of problem-solvers through education is necessary to address and solve the numerous and diverse social problems we face in society.

They also believe that the fact that rich students have access to opportunities in academics and learning that poor students don’t have access to limits the potential of a nation to solve problems and thrive. Providing all students with equal opportunities to access the best education available will empower a nation to face the social changes of the future and the problems that will come along with them. 

The Reconstructionist classroom setting is one where critical thinking and moral reasoning are greatly emphasized, and students are taught social priorities. They also learn about how they fit into society under the guidance of a competent tutor.  

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