Solving Remote Learning Struggles for Learners With Hearing or Vision Loss

Schools and educators need to find ways to accommodate all learners, no matter their learning disabilities. With that being said, it can be a difficult challenge when trying to suit the needs of learners who suffer from hearing or vision loss. This can seem even more difficult when teaching via remote learning

This piece will discuss how remote learning educators can accommodate learners who have these learning disabilities. 

Apps and Tools 

Educators can use plenty of apps and tools to make remote learning more accessible and convenient for learners who suffer from learning disabilities, such as hearing or vision loss. 

To accommodate learners who suffer from hearing loss, remote learning schools could hire sign language educators for these virtual lessons. Deaf learners could also read through the material on their own; although this does eliminate the social aspect of schooling and can leave the learner feeling alone in their studies. 

Communicating With Parents

Educators must communicate with the parents of learners who suffer from vision or hearing loss. Parents will know their children much better than the educator, meaning they will understand how they prefer learning and what they struggle with. 

Some learners do not feel comfortable enough to admit when they do not understand a section of work. By communicating with the parents, educators are more likely to determine whether or not the child is struggling. They can then think of ways to help the learner catch up and understand the material better. 

Braille Textbooks (For Learners With Vision Loss)

Specific school textbooks are offered in braille to accommodate children who have vision loss. Educators and remote learning schools can send these textbooks to learners who cannot see. This way, the learners will read through the school syllabus independently and at their own pace. 


Remote learning educators need to find ways to accommodate learners who suffer from hearing and vision loss. It is also essential that educators communicate with parents to determine when learners are struggling and what they are struggling with. 

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