Special Education Teachers: Everything You Need to Know

Special education teachers are professional instructors that help students who have disabilities learn despite the adverse effects of their disability. These disabilities could be intellectual disabilities, hearing or visual impairments, speech or learning disorders, etc. Special education teachers typically work at the Pre-K, elementary, middle school, or high school levels. They modify the general education curriculum to provide quality instruction for each learner.  

To meet the specific needs of each student, the special education teachers make use of an IEP (Individualized Education Program). The IEP identifies and highlights the specific goals for each student. The IEP is famous for creating individualized goals for every student, and is patterned to fulfill the needs of each student. It is becoming very common for special education teachers to use assistive technology to facilitate learning for kids with special needs. They may use computers with pre-designed speech, audiotapes, and engaging software to aid in each student’s instruction. 

There is a rise in the employment of special education teachers as the world is becoming more inclusive, and this is extending to schools.  They work hand-in-hand with the other educators to make the school curriculum more inclusive to meet the needs of students living with disabilities.  

Additionally, they bring other teachers, therapists, teacher assistants, and every other important personnel together to cater to the needs of the students.  In some cases, they may have to cater to a few students in a smaller classroom.  Some of these special education teachers also work in homes, hospitals, and centers for the kids with special needs who are of school age.  In these settings, they provide new knowledge and tactics for caring for children with special needs.

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