Spelling Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for spelling apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

ABC Phonics – Make a Word– Provides both phonics and spelling solutions to children who are learning to read. All the words have short vowel sounds. Phonics Advanced is available for older children, and it comes with longer and double vowel sounds. It also helps children recognize how consonant and vowel placements affect pronunciation.

ABC Phonics – Animated Designed using the expertise of phonics teachers, this app is an excellent introduction to phonics. Letters are written on the screen with animated tracing for the child to follow, and the app pronounces the letters for the child. This combination helps the child build a solid basis to grow.

ABC Phonics – Word Family Tree– Combines phonics, spelling, beginning sound word family phonics, short vowel sounds, and images with many visual enhancements for each word. The app includes a total of 56-word family groups to be used to teach short and long vowels, spelling, and pronunciation using the Montessori Method.

ABC Spelling Magic 1– With ABC Spelling magic, your child learns the sounds letters make and how to use them to form words. The app also teaches the child to segment, which is a vital part of learning to read. The first portion of the app uses a limited number of letters to form words while the second portion contains all 26 letters of the alphabet. The app teaches the child to spell words using three phonetic sounds and short vowel sounds.

Cimo Spelling Sight Words Sight Words Help Cimo, the penguin, catch fish by reaching icebergs using the bridges you help him build. This is a spelling game for children in kindergarten through third. It helps them learn to spell words they see frequently or cannot learn by visual images. The lite version of this game contains 50 words; the full-scale version contains 255 words. This game helps your child develop a solid spelling and reading foundation.

Come Learn Spellings This is an easy-to-use app that consists of over 150 words split between eight sections. It makes use of flashcards that are programmed to help children learn word spelling. Learned words are also repeated to allow for mastery of both simple and more difficult words. The app can be used without parental or adult supervision.

EzSchool – This is an educational portal that offers online educational games and worksheets. It organizes a year-round spelling program with daily activities and provides scores of tutorials and summaries.

Happi Spells– Has your child just learned how to read? (If not, start by downloading Happi Reads.) If your child is just learning to read, it is time for the next stage—spelling. Come with Happi and try to solve difficult mini crossword puzzles. The fewer mistakes, the more “snails” you earn. Every solved puzzle opens a new one.

Magic Spell-first words– Little kids are fascinated by fantasy and the expansive world of magic. They are also fascinated by the world of communication when they begin learning to speak and read. Magic Spell is a perfect app for little ones just learning how to read. By teaching spelling and pronunciation using fun magic illustrations, animations, and sounds, Magic Spell will help your child learn fast. The app includes reinforcement and lots of rewards for correct answers; Magic Spell will make sure your toddler will be confident in the beginning words of their journey.

Rocks – Rocket Speller is a fun, engaging spelling app designed for kids from age three to seven. It has five levels of difficulty in which the kids are to fuel the spaceship by correct spelling of words. They also choose the rocket pieces needed to build the spacecraft, and then they steer the craft into the galaxy to collect stars as rewards. The app is widely endorsed by educators, occupational therapists, special education teachers, and parents as an engaging and effective learning app.

RoomRecess – RoomRecess is a free learning game app in which students can simply load a game activity and have fun while learning. It is committed to providing children with essential skills that are vital to elementary students and their educational process. This game app was developed by primary school teachers committed to basic education in math, reading, spelling, language arts, and basic problem-solving.

Simplex Spelling Light – Combining a unique “reverse phonics” approach and contextually relevant spelling rules, Simplex Spelling Light is an interactive way to improve reading and spelling skills. Students are prompted to build each word individually to gain skills beyond straight memorization. If needed, the app provides spelling rule hints to explain the pattern behind specific word spellings. Simplex Spelling Light allows the teacher or adult to get a taste of the Simplex Spelling products and determine if they want to purchase the full version, Simplex Spelling HD. There are an additional 50 high-frequency spelling words included in Simplex Spelling Light that are not present in Simplex Spelling HD, so owning both versions is useful.

Spelling Balloons – Spelling Balloons helps students read and learn to spell words in a game environment. With a focus on sight word recognition skills, increasing proficiency and fluency in reading, and practice with auditory processing, this app fits well in a balanced literacy classroom routine or as additional at-home practice for elementary students. Spelling Balloons is customizable with the ability to create individualized word lists and to adjust word pronunciation and spelling based on location; for example, British vs. English pronunciation and spelling. The app has both speed and difficulty settings for further customization.

Spelling Notebook – Spelling Notebook was originally designed to replace students’ paper spelling notebooks, where they listed the words to be learned each week. But this app has moved far beyond the functionality of a simple paper spelling notebook. Students can hear each word spoken aloud, focus on mastering only those words they don’t already know and earn stickers for correct word spellings. It contains a fully searchable spelling dictionary with over 100,000 words, so students can avoid manually entering words (and avoid entry errors!). Spelling Notebook is an excellent way for students to continue spelling practice outside of the classroom or independently during literacy centers.

SpellingCity – SpellingCity is an app for vocabulary building, phonics instruction, and spelling practice. With over 40 games and activities, students are guided through customizable word lists to increase vocabulary or keep up with the weekly spelling words. Designed to be used independently, SpellingCity provides instant feedback for students and downloadable reports for teachers and parents. Boasting a 21.5% reading comprehension increase for native English speakers, SpellingCity is research proven and effective. With their focus on reading, hearing, speaking, writing, breaking down, and playing with words, students learn new words across all the language domains and have fun while doing it.

TeachMe: Kindergarten With an animated teacher, Mimi Mouse, to give verbal instruction and feedback, TeachMe: Kindergarten is an educational app that can be played by children independently. It includes six age-appropriate subjects for parents or teachers to select: sight words, addition, subtraction, spelling, writing letters, and writing numbers. Parents also can choose each subject’s difficulty level and even specific questions. TeachMe: Kindergarten has a unique reward system to help keep children motivated and engaged. For every three correct answers, children earn a coin. These coins can be used to purchase stickers to create elaborate sticker scenes or to purchase items for a virtual aquarium. Sticker scenes can be exported and shared with parents and other family members.

Toddler Toy Factory – With a focus on spelling, reading, and memory skills, children build and match toys in this app designed for children aged 1-7. Toddler Toy Factory comes with 10 free toys, with the option to purchase an additional 70 toys. There are three rooms in the app: Make, Find, and Ship. In the Make room, children select and drag letters into a machine to build words. When correct words are built, toys come out of the machine. In the Find room, children search through crates to find matching toys. When toys are matched, children can play with them or clean them up by putting them into another machine. In the Ship room, children put toys into barrels to practice counting. When full, the barrels can be shipped.

Trilo Spelling – Designed for students in grades K-2, Trilo Spelling is a phonics-based spelling game. The phonics sequence that is followed in the game is short vowels, consonant diagraphs, FLoSS rule, and beginning and ending consonant blends. With over 250 words included in the game, students expand their vocabulary while studying phonics. There are five levels of play, progressing from simpler concepts such as short vowels to more challenging concepts like ending consonant blends.

Word Wizard for Kids – For children aged 4-10, Word Wizard for Kids includes a moveable talking alphabet and three spelling activities. The moveable alphabet allows children to experiment with phonics and word building. It includes four font sizes, uppercase and lowercase letters, natural-sounding pronunciation (three American voices, one British voice, and one Australian voice are included), and spell-check. Word Practice, Scrambled Letters, and Spelling Quizzes are the three included spelling activities. Word Practice says and displays the word to spell and asks the child to use the moveable alphabet to spell it. Scrambled Letters says the word and displays the letters needed to build it, then asks the child to unscramble the letters. Spelling Quizzes is a standard spelling test. The app comes with 184 word lists and allows teachers and parents to create their own.

Wordful – With 580 levels to test students’ vocabulary and spelling, Wordful offers tons of challenging and fun word puzzles. The main gameplay involves hunting for words in random combinations of letters to find as many as possible. Wifi is not needed to access the game and play. There are also daily exercises to keep students’ brains alert.

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