Student affairs–led events for parents of first-gen students

First-generation college students often face unique challenges as they navigate the higher education system. These students are typically the first in their families to attend college, and as such, they may not have access to the same level of knowledge and support as their peers whose parents have been through the college experience before. Recognizing this, many universities are now offering events specifically geared towards parents of first-gen students to help them better understand and support their child’s educational journey.

Student affairs–led events for parents of first-gen students are becoming increasingly popular on college campuses across the country. These events provide parents with valuable resources and information to help them better understand the college experience and support their child in their academic pursuits.

One of the main goals of these events is to provide parents with a better understanding of the unique challenges that first-gen students may face. By attending workshops and informational sessions, parents can learn about the various resources available to their child on campus, as well as strategies for supporting them through the ups and downs of college life.

In addition to providing information, these events also offer parents an opportunity to connect with other parents of first-gen students. Building a supportive community of parents who are going through similar experiences can be incredibly valuable, as it can provide a sense of camaraderie and shared understanding.

Ultimately, student affairs–led events for parents of first-gen students play a crucial role in helping parents support their children as they navigate the college experience. By providing valuable information, resources, and a sense of community, these events can help parents feel more confident in their ability to support their child through their educational journey.

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