Student-Centered Learning Apps, Tools, and Resources for That We Love

Are you looking for student-centered learning apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Elephango – Experience learning without limits with Elephango. No more searching for project ideas, lessons, and supplements! The goal of Elephango is to build a sense of wonder and deepen learning experiences while shaping real-world connections. Elephango is a website designed to supplement and enhance existing curricula and puts thousands of homeschool lessons, activities, and supplements at the fingertips of students, parents, and educators. Dynamic, educational, and age-appropriate lessons deliver interest-grabbing instruction, connections to life, project ideas, and student-centered learning opportunities that spark additional curiosity.

Mahara– Mahara is your new E-Portfolio that will manage your work and promote productivity. When all your belongings are in one place, it is so much easier to do work and so much easier to want to do work. With this learner-centered learning system, you can create, share, and engage with learners and collaborators with ease. No more hassle of managing notebooks, documents, and planners, because Mahara keeps it streamlined for you. Mahara can be used for work, school, or personal use.

SMART Board – SMART Boards are interactive, internet capable whiteboards. They offer a hands-on way to engage students in lessons across all subjects. SMART Boards are research backed and claim to elevate learning outcomes through encouraging students to connect, by reaching every learner at their current academic level, and by making learning personal through student-centered learning. Lessons on the SMART Board easily sync across other classroom devices to assist with group work, collaboration, and formative assessment. There are also professional development opportunities for teachers, a global community of SMART Board users for support, and a resource library.

Transformica This is an eLearning platform and authoring tool that gives teachers and students access to engaging, personalized digital learning that they can access on any device. It is also useful for teachers to track student progress in real-time. Transformica is used by some of the world’s most successful organizations to create, manage, and measure people-centered e-learning.

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