Students are Going to Flip for These Pop Culture Filled Lessons From The Achievery


Educators are continually seeking innovative ways to engage students in the classroom, and one method gaining traction is incorporating pop culture into lesson plans. In an era of social media and constant content consumption, students have become enamored with the entertainment world. The Achievery, an educational platform, has tapped into this fascination by incorporating pop culture references that not only grab the students’ attention but also creates a more enjoyable learning experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of the engaging lessons from The Achievery that are infused with pop culture.

1. Social Studies Meets Reality TV

Taking inspiration from reality TV shows like Survivor and Big Brother, this unique lesson plan covers essential topics such as decision-making and collaboration. Students work together in teams, competing through various challenges that help them understand different perspectives on historical events and voting systems.

2. Math Gets a Marvel Makeover

Who doesn’t love superheroes? When math concepts are tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, suddenly algebra becomes more exciting! The Achievery uses examples from movies like Iron Man and Thor to explain math concepts like equations and geometry, making it easier for students to relate.

3. A Grammar Lesson Straight Out of Westeros

With Game of Thrones as one of the most popular TV series in recent history, it only makes sense to use it as a teaching tool. This creative grammar lesson uses characters, locations, and events from Westeros to teach grammar rules in a captivating manner.

4. Unlocking Science Mysteries with Escape Rooms

With their intricate puzzles built on riddles and trivia, escape rooms are a natural fit for science-based lessons. By tying in scientific concepts into entertaining escape rooms experiences, many students find the hands-on activities wildly engaging.

5. Memes Make Learning Vocabulary Vibrant

When vocabulary words are illustrated with relatable memes and gifs, students are more likely to recall these words in the future. The Achievery takes advantage of this memorable teaching tool by using popular internet memes to drive home the meaning and use of new vocabulary.


The Achievery’s use of pop culture-themed lessons has unlocked a treasure trove of educational opportunities for today’s students. By making learning fun and engaging, these innovative lesson plans ensure that students become passionate about their education and look forward to discovering more in the classroom. Whether it’s tackling math problems with Marvel superheroes or exploring scientific concepts through escape rooms, students are guaranteed to flip for these unforgettable lessons from The Achievery.

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