Studying For The LSAT? How To Build Your Schedule For Success

With all of the standardized tests, you can fake your way through with minimal studying if you want, but when it comes to the LSATs, that is not the case. This test is comprehensive and requires a heightened level of problem-solving abilities. 

Those students that are on the path to becoming a lawyer will need to buckle down and get that preparation schedule on point so that you will be ready for the most crucial test of their life. 

Practice, Practice

Before you even get started, you need to take a practice test and get a good idea of where you stand currently. This will allow you to know what areas you need to focus on when it comes to your preparation. You can sign up for practice tests or enroll in an LSAT course with a test prep company to do this.

Prep Timeline

Many future lawyers want to get that high score, but it turns out that you may not need that. So you will want to look at the college’s requirements when it comes to admissions into the law school. 

Still, look to prep yourself to get the highest score possible as this could help out with expenses in the form of scholarships. Once you have all that in mind, then you will want to form your timeline. Most successful LSAT takers dedicate at least 20 hours a week for about three months.

Make Adjustments

If you are serious about getting into law school, you have to pass the LSAT, which may mean adjusting your life a bit for the three months before the test. If you can, you should decrease your course load, limit your working hours, and even lay off those hobbies that distract you from what you should be doing – studying

Don’t cut it all out, though, because you will need some relaxation and time to let your mind rest. Still, you should limit and schedule out any non-LSAT-related activities.

Schedule It Out

Now it is time to really plan everything out. You have to schedule your life out so that you ensure that you are utilizing your time effectively. 

Having a schedule is one thing, but it needs to be detailed for optimal performance. This means you will need to schedule your studying sessions as well. Know what you are going to cover and allot the time for it. 

For instance, you may take an hour of every studying session to study vocabulary, or maybe you do a couple of hours one day a week. Having your schedule organized will allow you not to waste any time.

Concluding Thoughts

The LSATs are a vital test and very difficult. But with the proper preparation, you will feel more relaxed and have a better chance of scoring that high score you are looking for.

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