Finding the perfect books without putting too much pressure is a tricky balance when it comes to nurturing beginner readers. You should be able to finish the first portion with the aid of this summer reading list for beginners. Although both of my sons like reading, their experiences were extremely different. My younger kid was still working on word sounding out at age 6, while my elder child spoilt me by learning to read on his own when he was only three.

This collection of books for beginner readers was produced with summer reading in mind. Our summer reading habits are fairly laid back. Many books are strewn about the flat, but there are no book records or page limitations. This is a fantastic selection of summer reading material for kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students.


You Are Not Small.  All of Anna Kang’s fantastic novels should be included on a list of books for beginning readers! I know I’ve got a winner when my kid begins to read aloud to me without my asking or pleading. This year’s Theodor Seuss Geigel Award winner was this creative and entertaining comparative book. Because it lends itself to back-and-forth reading, I would read the conversation from one character while my son read the dialogue from the other. He enjoyed changing around the pieces, and I loved how it encouraged him to read more.

Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas! My kid enjoys reading the TOON books, and I like that he is now reading a graphic novel without any officially recognized Pokemon or superheroes. Each page in the Benjamin Bear books is a standalone comic, allowing children to read as much or as little as they choose.

Ling & Ting: Twice as Silly. For new readers, Grace Lin has a fantastic series. I am always looking for hilarious, humorous novels since my burgeoning reader like such. He finds humor everywhere and absurdity in everything. He liked this book about twins since it is simple to read.

Good Night, Knight. Betsy Lewin. Any summer reading list for beginner readers should include books from the “I Like to Read” series. This one about a knight and his horse exhausting themselves in search of golden biscuits was one that we especially liked. Pick up some of the other books in the series if this one is a decent level for your youngster.

The Littlest Leaguer. A classic should always be included so that parents may relive their youth while assisting their children in learning to read. Although it also has a wonderful plot arc to hold young readers’ interest, it is much longer than current simple readers. I’m still trying to get my kid to read lengthier novels, so I’m hopeful that this tale of a little child with high baseball aspirations will be successful.

The Watermelon Seed. I must admit that I was unaware that this picture book would make a nice book for beginners when I first read it a year ago. The joke that if you swallow a seed, it will grow within your stomach is used in the narrative. Of course, any tale, including watermelon, is ideal for a summertime read!

Ah Ha! is an interesting challenge for new readers. Only the letters “h” and “a” are used in the text. Without using well-known words, children will need to concentrate very hard on deciphering the sounds. Please be sure to search the shelves for more of Jeff Mack’s books since there are other excellent ones I could also include in my list of books for beginning readers.

Brownie & Pearl Step Out is a charming series written by the same person who wrote Henry and Mudge and Mr. Putter and Tabby, both of which your new readers should read as well. Brownie and her cat Pearl go on simple, amicable excursions both in the city and at home. Pick up one or more of the series’ novels.

Bink and Gollie: Two for One is the second book in the adored series, and parents will enjoy reading aloud to their children or listening to it as they sound out words. In this episode, Bink and Gollie go to the fair, where Bink competes to win the biggest doughnut on the globe. (yum)

Squirrel’s World, Short chapters in a humorous tale about a squirrel that wants to assist all his buddies in allowing young readers to stop reading whenever they feel the need to. I’m a huge admirer of Valeri Gorbachev’s artwork.

Ollie the Stomper. Although initially written as board books, Dunrea’s stories about the geese Ollie, Gossie, and Gerdie work well for younger readers. My youngster adores Ollie and his buddies’ absurd pranks.

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