Survival Scenario and Escape Games for Middle Schoolers

A survival scenario is an artificial environment in which students can practice survival skills. Escape games are games that use escape mechanisms to allow players to escape from an enclosed area. These games are often used as a way to provide a physical and mental challenge for students.

Overall, escape games are a great way to provide a physical and mental challenge for students. They can also help to build team spirit and teamwork.

1. Spy Activity

This fun activity will engage your oldest middle school students. Students will have to work step by step to solve this spy-themed mystery box. This series returns with boxes that are for older students and adults.

More Information: Lock Paper Scissors

2. Crayon Secret Message

One game or puzzle within an escape room is this adorable and interactive activity for children. Write the clue on a blank piece of white paper with a white crayon. Then students paint over with colored paint to find the answer.

More Information: Teaching Ideas

3. Settlers of Catan

This classic board game can be played either on a physical board or online. In the game, students take effective steps to build territory to survive. They can compete against fellow students or against the computer. While playing, they will need to get out of tricky situations such as deciding who to steal from and who to work with.

More Information: Catan

4. Halloween-Themed Escape Room

This team bonding activity is so much fun for children of all ages. Students receive a piece of paper with clues on it and must solve math problems and word riddles in order to complete the final spooky potion!

More Information: Appletastic Learning

5. The Game of Life

In the Game of Life, students find themselves in the trickiest situations and need to make life choices to have the best life and “survive.” This game can be played in the classroom and is also a great activity for adults to play with children. This family-friendly activity can be purchased in the physical board game form or as a digital activity. More Information: Marmalade Game Studio

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