Teacher-Approved Kindergarten Workbooks

Who says that workbooks need to be monotonous? We can tell you about some fantastic workbooks available to aid children in honing crucial reading and math abilities. To help you understand why they are effective, we’ve compiled the greatest workbooks for children in kindergarten for each subject and added teacher reviews.

Best Math Kindergarten Workbooks

Kindergarten Math Workbook

Introduce kindergarteners to the fundamentals of mathematics, such as number recognition, calculation, number telling, etc. The enjoyable and colorful “Color and Trace the Numbers” activity transforms math into an incredible journey!

Math for Kindergarten

This top-rated preschool workbook is ideal for children learning fundamental math basics in a classroom or at home.

My Kindergarten Math Workbook

This workbook is educational and fun for youngsters ages 5-6 and has more than 100 games and activities. The tasks get more complex as they go along, keeping kindergarteners focused the entire time!

Addition Subtraction Practice Workbook

With the aid of several activities that encourage preschoolers used to home and classroom learning, utilize this addition and subtraction practice workbook to assist your child in learning the fundamentals of math and getting ready for their first grade. 

Kindergarten Math Workbook: Addition And Subtraction

This handy workbook offers a wide range of tasks to assist your preschoolers in studying math in school, at home, or keeping their minds fresh during breaks. This workbook is a fantastic tool for kindergarten preparation and education!

Star Wars Workbook: Kindergarten Math Skills

This workbook, which teaches kindergarten mathematic fundamentals with lightsabers, clone warriors, wookies, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, and more, will be a hit with Star Wars enthusiasts. Workbook content follows Common Core standards and helps in reinforcing the new concepts learned in the classroom. May the force be with you!

Kindergarten Jumbo Math Success Workbook

This workbook combines three books into one, has more than 320 vivid pages, and covers all of the material from Sylvan Learning’s Kindergarten Basic Math, Kindergarten Math Games & Puzzles, and Kindergarten Shapes & Geometry. Learning math will be easy. 

Math Readiness Workbook

Children learn through clear examples, directions, and objectives that follow NCTM and Common Core standards, thanks to these activity pages that concentrate on counting money, addition, subtraction, telling time, and a few other concepts. Also, don’t forget to take your award certificate at the end of the activity pages. 

Spectrum Math Workbook

The five distinct chapters in this remarkable workbook employ progressive practice, math in real-world situations, and tests to track children’s progress. Learners will work through exercises in this fantastic resource,  created with state standards, ranging from learning to counting through geometry and other math basics.  

Best Reading Kindergarten Workbooks

A Magical Sight Words and Phonics Activity Workbook

This workbook has more than 40 sight words that help kids to learn to read. Many games and fun activities in the workbook include fantastical characters like unicorns, dinosaurs, and mermaids that assist children in learning new words.

180 Days of Reading: Grade K

Want 180 days full of practice exercises to develop and test children’s reading comprehension, word skills, and ability? This workbook has a Teacher Resource CD, diagnostic-based activities, and data-driven assessment advice on approximately 250 pages.

100 Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages

Encourage children to memorize 100 commonly recognized core of the Dolch Word List’s sight words. Kids will soon be able to read more smoothly, write more quickly, and spell more accurately! Drawing, copying, cutting, pasting, and writing are a few exercises and games in the workbook. 

My Sight Words Workbook

Help children remember 101 of the most frequent sight words to boost their reading comprehension and speed. Kids will have puzzles and games to play after pronouncing every word, writing it, drawing it, and using it in a phrase as part of their exercises.

Learn to Read Activity Book

It’s essential to keep kids excited while learning to read, and this activity book will do just that with 101 games and activities designed by a competent primary school teacher. Drawing, coloring, word searches, labyrinths, and other activities that bring joy are all included in the lessons.

Kindergarten Reading Readiness Workbook

The Kindergarten Reading Readiness Workbook is a 128-page tool for helping kindergartners form a basis for the excellent reading skills needed for future success. It’s indeed full of vibrant, colorful pages with games and puzzles. By highlighting letters, vowels and consonants, starting and ending word sounds, sight words, rhyming sounds, and more, activities can help beginner readers recognize and comprehend fundamental words and text.

Spectrum Paperback Reading Workbook, Grade K

This workbook from respected brand Spectrum is for kindergarten teachers to educate pupils and practice word recognition, letters and sounds, story structure, theme, summarizing, and main concepts. Each lesson deal with an illustrated story and comprehension exercises. Through non-fiction and fiction reading sections based on learning standards, these educational materials will support the learning and success of your youngsters. There’s also an answer key given.

DK Workbooks: Language Arts, Kindergarten: Learn and Explore

Uppercase and lowercase letters, vowels, simple punctuation, plurals, and other language arts elements are part of these exercises that are appropriate for five to six-year-olds. This workbook was created in conjunction with leading educational authorities to maximize learning and help children understand linguistics.  In the instructors’ section, at the end of the workbook, you have answers, guidance, and a completion certificate.

Best Handwriting & Writing Kindergarten Workbooks

The Print Handwriting Workbook for Kids

Students may learn to print with the aid of the excellent activities in the Print Handwriting Workbook for Kids. It’s simple to listen to the instructions since they include numerical indicators showing the direction and order of the strokes. Besides that, the workbook has joke-filled illustrations on the pages, which makes learning fun! 

Trace Letters Of The Alphabet and Sight Words

This workbook will assist kids in early reading as they explore the letters and develop their handwriting abilities. It includes several crucial letter exercises. This drawing book is required because it includes activities that help practice the sounds of letters and sight words.

Kindergarten Letters, Words & Sentences Writing Workbook

With the help of this workbook, your kids will progress through 3 separate sections: letters, writing sight words, and entire sentences. Over 100 pages of writing skill exercises are included in Kindergarten Letters, Words & Sentences to aid youngsters in developing both their writing abilities and confidence.

Star Wars Workbook: Kindergarten Writing and ABCs

This writing and ABCs workbook from the Brain Quest series’ editors will enthuse your pupils about practicing their handwriting because children like the fantastical Star Wars world. This workbook will ensure that the force is strong in you while learning to write. With a variety of Star Wars characters writing will be easier. 

180 Days of Writing for Kindergarten

Preparing classes for kindergarteners is made simple with the help of this tool. Young children may improve their grammar and language by exercising writing opinions, narratives, and informative/explanatory essays over the course of six months. 

Write-On Wipe-Off Let’s Write Words

In order to assist pupils in learning words and spark their interest in writing, this kindergarten workbook combines drawing and writing exercises with a range of puzzles and riddles. With the help of this book, children may start learning popular sight words in a simple, reusable write-erase format that allows you to use them many times.

Science & Social Studies

DK Workbooks: Science, Kindergarten: Learn and Explore

This workbook is an excellent option for kindergarten students since it has educational tasks centered on the basics of science in a style that will attract young children. This workbook was created in collaboration with curriculum experts and involves chapters about climate, comparing objects, the life cycles of animals and plants, and more. It’s a perfect option for science teaching in the school.

Human Body Activity Book for Kids

Children will like learning about the human body with The Human Body Activity Book for Kids since it is so intriguing.

180 Days of Science: Grade K – Daily Science Workbook

This helpful kindergarten workbook will explore a different topic from biological science, astronomy, and earth science every week and is related to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and state standards.

DK Workbooks: Geography, Kindergarten: Learn and Explore

This geography workbook has many tasks and exercises encouraging persistence and progressive learning. Map reading, continents, compass directions,  countries, borders, states, rivers, seas, and other geographical themes are covered.

Skill Sharpeners Science Grade K

This workbook concentrates on significant physical, biological, and Earth science ideas and focuses on the Next Generation Science Standards and state guidelines. With melodies, poems, practical exercises, gorgeous photographs, and fun drawings, Skill Sharpeners Science Grade K vividly brings scientific ideas to life for young readers.

180 Days of Social Studies: Grade K – Daily Geography Workbook

What could be superior to a week of fun lessons? Everyday geography studies for 180 days! This workbook will aid with spatial and map skills and is also committed to state and national geography requirements.

Best Kindergarten Workbooks for Summer

Kindergarten Big Fun Workbook

The 250+ pages of exercises and instruction in this book,  created in collaboration with education professionals and following school standards, will help your kids stay prepared for first grade by bridging the summertime learning gap after preschool.

Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades K & 1

Mathematics, reading, map skills, seasons, and other topics are covered in this Common Core-aligned workbook. Students can monitor their development by placing stickers on a map after every completed exercise. 

Summer Bridge Activities – Grades K – 1

This kindergarten workbook is plentiful with content and has awards that should convince you that it is a good choice for you.  Children will be ready for their upcoming school year in just fifteen minutes per day.

Summer Express (Between Grades K & 1)

This workbook contains over 100 pages organized in a systematic, ten-week structure, along with fun activities. The topics covered in this appealing kindergarten workbook include arithmetic, phonics, grammar, writing, reading, and vocabulary.

Kindergarten Thinking and Reasoning

This workbook mixes puzzles and other games with maturity-appropriate tasks such as writing and drawing.

School Zone – Kindergarten Super Scholar Workbook

This compilation of exercises, which includes more than 100 activity sheets, improves young children’s language arts, arithmetic, scientific, and humanities abilities. Alphabet, numerals, narrative sequence, matching, and rhyming are some more subjects.

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