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Peter Goff, PhD; Ron Ferguson, PhD; and Tripod Education Partners Join Research Consortium for Leading Provider of K-12 Education Talent Management Solutions

(CHICAGO, IL) September 29, 2015- TeacherMatch® is pleased to announce strategic research partnerships with Peter Goff, PhD; Ron Ferguson, PhD; and Tripod Education Partners, Inc. TeacherMatch’s software portfolio, which includes the revolutionary, predictive analytics platform, the Educators Professional Inventory (EPI®), was developed in collaboration with a research consortium of universities, education nonprofits, and experts in predictive analytics and psychometrics. Through their ongoing, collaborative partnership with Dr. Goff, Dr. Ferguson, and Tripod, TeacherMatch is able to build on its research-based offerings that provide district partners with insights that better inform their hiring practices.

Peter Goff, PhD, is an assistant professor in the school of education at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His research and areas of expertise span the teacher hiring process, with special areas of focus including the timing of applicant hiring, the implications of the hiring window, and how that impacts the quality and quantity of applicants as well as the variety of questions asked in the hiring process.

Ron Ferguson, PhD, is the Faculty Co-Chair and Director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University, where he has taught since 1983. Dr. Ferguson is an expert in understanding teaching practices that improve a range of outcomes including student engagement, executive function skills, and achievement. Through his extensive research he has developed the Tripod framework and survey assessments, which include the Tripod 7Cs measures of effective teaching. Numerous independent research studies have found the 7Cs measures to be predictive of achievement gains and among the most reliable of measures commonly available.

Dr. Ferguson brings a unique perspective to the research consortium at TeacherMatch. His findings and insights will be incorporated into TeacherMatch’s dynamic EPI, a platform that predicts the impact teacher candidates will have on student achievement. Additionally, Dr. Ferguson will provide guidance on improving assessments and items within the platform.

Tripod is the nation’s leading provider of classroom-level student survey assessments for K-12 education. Through this partnership, TeacherMatch looks to leverage Tripod’s analytic framework and survey results to support school improvement and professional learning for teachers. With the incorporation of new data from Tripod survey assessments, TeacherMatch will continue to build out their solution to ensure that each classroom has a highly effective teacher positively impacting student achievement.

About TeacherMatch
TeacherMatch®, created for educators by educators, is committed to Advanced Education Talent Management™. Its proprietary TeacherMatch 360™ system facilitates all stages of the teacher hiring process, from recruitment and interviewing through onboarding and professional development. This all-in-one portfolio helps schools identify, hire, and develop more effective teachers in an effort to give students the best opportunity to succeed. For more information, please visit teachermatch.org.

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