Teachers Are Making Flat Versions of Themselves for Kids to Take on Adventures

Teachers are finding innovative ways to engage their students during remote learning. One such way is by creating flat versions of themselves for kids to take on adventures. These flat teachers, also known as “Flat Teachers,” are cut-outs of the real teachers that the students can interact with and bring along on various activities.

The concept of the Flat Teacher originated from the popular children’s book series called “Flat Stanley.” In the books, the main character Stanley is accidentally squished flat and discovers that he can be mailed and travel to different destinations. Inspired by this idea, teachers have adapted it to bring their presence into students’ lives, even when physical proximity is not possible.

To create a Flat Teacher, teachers take a photo of themselves and print it out. The photo is then laminated and attached to a cardboard or foam board to give it some rigidity. The result is a life-sized, two-dimensional version of the teacher that can be easily carried around.

Once the Flat Teacher is created, the possibilities for adventures are endless. Students can take their Flat Teachers on outings, such as visits to museums, parks, or even on vacation. They can document their adventures by taking pictures and writing about them in a journal. This not only enhances the students’ literacy skills but also allows them to stay connected with their teacher and classmates.

The use of Flat Teachers has proven to be highly beneficial for both teachers and students. For teachers, it provides a way to maintain a sense of connection and presence in their students’ lives. It also opens up opportunities for creative teaching methods, as teachers can design educational activities around the adventures of the Flat Teacher.

Students, on the other hand, benefit from the emotional connection they feel with their teacher. Having their Flat Teacher accompany them on activities fosters a sense of companionship and familiarity, which can alleviate some of the isolation and loneliness that remote learning canbring.

Aside from the academic benefits, the use of Flat Teachers also promotes social-emotional development. Students can share their adventures with their classmates, sparking conversations and creating a virtual community. It encourages collaboration, empathy, and a sense of belonging, which are crucial for healthy social development, even in a remote learning environment.

In conclusion, Teachers creating flat versions of themselves for kids to take on adventures is a creative and effective way to maintain a sense of connection and engagement during remote learning. The use of Flat Teachers enhances students’ literacy skills, fosters emotional connections, and promotes social-emotional development. It is a testament to teachers’ dedication and commitment to providing meaningful learning experiences, regardless of the circumstances.

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