Teachers Must be Partners in Shaping Education Policies

Education policies should not just be imposed on students and teachers alike without proper consultation with them. They also have the right to be a part of the policy-making process. It goes against logic if those who formulate policies concerning education are people who have little or no practical experience about prevailing situations in our schools.

The teachers who are in the system and are conversant with the problems and needs of this sector are the ones with the best knowledge of how to address and tackle those needs and problems. It is, therefore, essential that teachers are duly consulted when it comes to the formulation of policies in the academic sector.

Below, we talk about some of the reasons why it is important for authorities to partner with teachers in the formulation of educational policies.

To promote edtech equity

In this digital world, it is impossible to think of any form of learning which does not employ the use of technology. The importance of education technology cannot be downplayed as it can improve the learning experience of students. However, authorities have been having a torrid time trying to figure out the appropriate way of implementing technological tools in such a way that less-privileged students, such as disabled kids and non-native English speakers, will not be left behind. The practical knowledge of teachers will be a useful asset in finding the best ways of implementing these tools.

Teachers know how to end America’s teacher shortage

Generally, there are concerns that the number of teachers in public schools in the United States is some way off the mark. Even at this, teachers are not working in regions where their services are most needed, and teachers undergoing training are not opting for subject areas where teacher shortages are more pronounced. This development poses a huge danger to the future of education in the country and needs to be addressed.

Educators have advocated for increased salaries and incentives for teachers who teach in high need areas and subjects Policies like this, canvassed for by teachers, if implemented, will go a long way in ameliorating the education crisis in the United States.


Teachers are very important in shaping educational policies. They play very vital roles in the formulation of progressive guidelines, and their contributions cannot be undermined or substituted for any other contribution elsewhere. In the past few years, several groups have clamored for the inclusion of teachers in the policy-making process to ensure a better education system in the country.

Fortunately, some states have realized the importance of this and have already made available some avenues and pathways through which teachers can take part in policy-making. These platforms, which include advisory boards and councils, are in place in several states while the federal government, through the US Department of Education has set up the Teaching Ambassador Fellowship program. These are proper steps in the right direction and will improve the sector’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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