Teachers Share the Most Hilarious Kid-Invented Words They’ve Ever Heard


In the wonderful world of education, teachers often have front-row seats to experience the amazing creativity and humor that children bring to the classroom. One particular aspect of this is when kids invent their own unique words or phrases. Sometimes it’s a simple slip of the tongue or a new spin on an existing word, but regardless of how it’s created, these kid-invented words often leave a lasting impression! We’ve gathered some hilarious examples from teachers who shared their favorite kid-invented words. Be prepared to laugh out loud at these gems!

1. Sprankle (Sprinkle)

“Derek, a first-grader in my class, was working on a drawing project when he asked me for some more ‘sprankles.’ I had no idea what he meant until he pointed at the glitter on his paper. Now every time I see glitter, I can’t help but call them ‘sprankles!'”

2. Ammalance (Ambulance)

“One day during recess, Shelby heard a siren in the distance and excitedly exclaimed, ‘Look! It’s an ammalance!’ Her mispronunciation of ‘ambulance’ has become a long-standing joke among our staff.”

3. Scripples (Scribbles)

“I can’t forget the time my kindergartener, Ryan, described his artwork as full of ‘scripples.’ His unintentional fusion of ‘scribbles’ and ‘ripples’ is now our go-to word for abstract art!”

4. Zibberish (Gibberish)

“Tamia was trying to explain what she’d heard another student say and called it ‘zibberish.’ She mixed up ‘gibberish’ with the noise a zebra makes! That became our code word for nonsensical talking.”

5. Flustrated (Frustrated/Flustered)

“During story time, Tessa became really annoyed that she couldn’t follow the plot, and she loudly proclaimed she was ‘flustrated.’ I knew she meant ‘frustrated’ and ‘flustered,’ but this new word really captured the essence of her emotions.”


These hilarious kid-invented words remind us that children can bring so much joy and humor to our lives. Teachers are lucky to have this daily dose of laughter and lightheartedness in their classrooms. For parents and educators, it’s essential to foster creativity and encourage kids to use their imaginations – after all, who knows which seemingly silly word might go on to become the next big sensation!

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