Teachers Share Their Best Bunnings Buys

Educators have a unique ability to turn everyday items into extraordinary teaching tools, and, as it turns out, hardware stores like Bunnings Warehouse are treasure troves for imaginative and resourceful teachers. In an informal survey, a variety of teachers shared their top picks for classroom supplies found at the popular Australian hardware chain.

One primary school teacher gleefully revealed how she repurposed large plastic storage boxes into sand and water play stations for sensory activities. The durability of these containers made them a hit with both teachers and children, providing endless hours of hands-on fun.

Outdoor learning was enhanced by the purchase of garden beds and seedling kits, according to another enthusiastic educator. These items allowed students to grow their own plants and learn about biology and ecology in a practical context. Plus, the affordability of these items meant that each class could have its own mini-garden to tend to.

In line with the eco-friendly trend, many teachers are opting for solar-powered lights. The lights are used for both outdoor education and as teaching aids in science lessons about renewable energy. They’ve been an effective tool for sparking discussions on sustainability and technology.

One creative art teacher boasted about snatching up paint samples for classroom projects. Not only were they cost-effective, but they also offered a vast range of colors, perfect for art assignments, teaching color theory or creating vibrant classroom displays.

A passionate STEM teacher highlighted the use of PVC pipes and joints bought from Bunnings for building structures in technology classes. Students could explore principles of engineering and architecture hands-on without breaking the school’s budget.

Lastly, astute educators mentioned purchasing kneeling pads—designed originally for gardening—for young students to use during reading time or group activities on the floor. The comfortable pads help keep children focused on their tasks instead of fidgeting on the hard surface.

These anecdotal shares underscore that creativity in teaching is not confined to just traditional educational supplies — it can extend well into every aisle of a hardware store like Bunnings. Teachers continue to be innovative in their approaches to education by finding versatile uses for unconventional products, enhancing the learning experience in unique and affordable ways.

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