Teachers, We Need to Do Our Own PR to Advocate for Ourselves & Our Kids


As teachers, our primary focus remains on our students and their education. Yet, with the constant changes in the educational landscape and the growing call for accountability, it has become increasingly important for teachers like us to assume the role of Public Relations (PR) specialists. In doing so, not only can we advocate for ourselves as professionals, but also ensure that the best interests of our students are served.

Taking Charge of Our Story:

In recent years, there have been numerous negative portrayals of teachers in the media. Consequently, public opinion has been swayed towards perceiving educators as detached or underperforming. As professionals, it falls upon us to change this narrative and showcase our passion and dedication towards making a difference in students’ lives.

By sharing stories about classroom successes and how education impacts individual students, we can create a new perspective that celebrates educators and their achievements while highlighting the true essence of teaching.

Connecting With Stakeholders:

Teachers need to proactively engage with all stakeholders – parents, administrators, community members and policymakers – to build transparent relationships. This step involves not only keeping them informed about what is happening within schools and classrooms but also providing them an opportunity to understand why certain decisions are made.

In doing this, we can establish trust and foster a support network that assists in developing better educational policies and practices. Together, we can create an environment that truly benefits our kids.

Harnessing Social Media:

One powerful tool at our disposal is social media. By leveraging platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we can disseminate valuable information about educational practices, promote upcoming events at schools or showcase student projects.

Moreover, these digital channels provide excellent opportunities for teachers to collaborate and share ideas with their counterparts from around the world. This exchange ultimately results in growth and improvements in teaching methods benefiting both teachers and students alike.

Professional Development and Growth:

Finally, it is crucial to continuously invest in professional development and growth. By attending conferences, workshops and pursuing higher education, we can improve our skills and knowledge. This dedication to self-improvement not only serves as an example for students but guarantees that we are providing them with the best possible education.

In addition, participating in professional networks also helps build our personal brand as experts in our field. This, in turn, gives us a heightened credibility when advocating for the needs of our students and profession.


The time has come for teachers to take ownership of their Public Relations narrative. By communicating our achievements effectively, building strong relationships with stakeholders and harnessing the potential of social media, we can make a lasting impact on the future of education. Furthermore, continued commitment to professional development will ensure that we remain dedicated practitioners capable of providing the best learning opportunities for our students. So let us work together to advocate for ourselves and the future generations we have promised to educate.

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