Teaching Ideas for Early Childhood Teachers

Here is a quick and dirty list of teaching ideas for early childhood teachers.

1. Choose an appealing theme.

2. Consider laminating your books.

3. Build a library of books on various topics.

4. Set up sensory tables.

5. Gather reading buddies.

6. Cover your easel.

7. Stock up on board games.

8. Stock up on educational toys.

9. Let parents visit.

10. Stay crystal-clear with parent communication.

11. Use mascots.

12. Make time for morning meetings.

13. Teach Pre-K students pencil grip.

14. Teach the alligator method for handling scissors.

15. Use clothespins.

16. Use buttons.

17. Have a clear, predictable schedule.

18. Use a master copy binder.

19. Make templates.

20. Organize the end of the year

21. Start the day right.

22. Try Conscious Discipline.

23. Teach a storytime transition.

24. Make calendar time active.

25. Use the two-minute rule.

26. Consider an emotion buddy.

27. Be cool.

28. Plan fine motor practice.

29. It’s never too early for writing.

30. Start journals.

31. Use hands-on alphabet activities.

32. Sneak in the learning with games.

33. Organize your instruction around themes.

34. Begin teaching shapes.

35. Count the school days and throw a party when you reach 100!

36. Use music for everything.

37. Don’t shy away from science.

38. Use Mr. Potato Head to children about senses.

39. Sing letter sounds.

40. Watch Alphabet Videos

41. Plan for pretend play.

42. Use books to teach social skills.

43. Read names.

44. Build an abacus.

45. Try various themes from A to Z.

46. Try rainbow retelling.

47. Create math tubs.

48. Map the classroom.

49. Connect with a PLN.

50. Keep a “sub tub” to ensure that if you have to miss work, your sub will have what they need to fill in.

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