Teaching Strategies of Award-Winning Online Instructors

The teaching strategies of award-winning online instructors may vary, but they often focus on providing interactive and engaging content for students. In addition to providing engaging content, online instructors often use techniques such as active learning and gamification to engage students and motivate them to continue learning.

Here are a few techniques that teachers use for exceptional online learning:

  1. They use engaging multimedia content. Excitement and curiosity help students to concentrate more.
  2. They use engaging and motivating exercises and motivational videos. It is very important to motivate students toward learning.
  3. They use engaging and interactive quizzes.
  4. They use engaging and effective tutorials. By making use of technology, a fun way of learning can be created.
  5. They use engaging and supportive forums, motivating surveys, and effective blogs.
  6. They use effective social media platforms.
  7. They use engaging and effective email newsletters.
  8. They provide personalized feedback.
  9. They provide opportunities for student engagement and community involvement.
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