Teaching Students About Advent in Christianity


Advent Christianity represents a time of spiritual preparation, self-reflection, and anticipation in the Christian faith. It is the period leading up to Christmas, during which followers commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and prepare their hearts for His future return. Teaching students about Advent is essential for fostering a deeper understanding of Christian traditions and values. This article will present practical strategies and engaging activities to aid educators in providing an inclusive and insightful introduction to Advent Christianity.

Strategies for Teaching Advent

Develop Age-Appropriate Lessons

When teaching about Advent, it’s crucial to create lessons that are appropriate for your students’ age group. Younger children may benefit from simple explanations and narratives about the nativity story, while older students may dive deeper into theological discussions. Recognize the individual needs and abilities of your students to tailor lessons effectively.

Start with Historical Background

Discuss how Advent began as a season within the liturgical calendar and how it evolved over time. Share how Christians all over the world celebrate this season differently according to various denominations and cultures.

Focus on Symbolism and Rituals

Introduce essential symbols and rituals associated with Advent, such as the Advent wreath, candles, calendars, and Jesse Trees. Encourage students to participate in these activities both in class and at home with their families.

Activities for Learning About Advent

Create an Advent Wreath

Art projects can help students visualize significant concepts related to Advent Christianity. Provide materials such as evergreen branches or grapevines to build a wreath complete with candles representing each week leading up to Christmas.

Share Daily Bible Readings

Assign daily Bible readings throughout the season of Advent that focus on prophecies, Christ’s birth, or teachings pertinent to this period of preparation. Encourage personal reflection through journaling or group discussions.

Organize a Posada Celebration

Host a Posada celebration to engage students in the traditional reenactment of Joseph and Mary’s journey seeking shelter in Bethlehem. By participating in this event, students will strengthen their understanding of the Advent narrative and its core themes.

Send Home Advent Calendars

Provide each student with an Advent calendar to take home and open daily, revealing Bible verses, prayers, or small tokens related to the season. This activity will further connect the classroom experience to family traditions.

Incorporate Music and Art

Introduce students to various forms of music and art associated with the Advent season. Explore traditional hymns, carols, and modern interpretations while examining famous works of art depicting the nativity story.


Teaching students about Advent in Christianity requires a balanced approach that combines age-appropriate lessons with engaging activities. By focusing on historical context, symbolism, and rituals, educators can create a comprehensive understanding of the season’s significance in Christian worship. Activities such as creating an Advent wreath or organizing a Posada celebration help immerse students in real traditions while fostering spiritual growth and understanding.

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