Teaching Students About Alisson Becker: Inspiring the Next Generation of Goalkeepers


Alisson Becker, the world-renowned Brazilian football goalkeeper, currently plays for Liverpool FC and the Brazil national team. Over the years, Alisson has become a symbol of dedication and hard work in football. Teaching students about Alisson Becker can inspire them to pursue their own dreams in sports and beyond, while also emphasizing essential values like perseverance, teamwork, and discipline.

Early Life and Football Journey

Born on October 2, 1992, in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, Alisson Ramses Becker comes from a family with a rich football history. His father was an amateur goalkeeper, and his older brother, Muriel Gustavo Becker, is currently a professional goalkeeper. Growing up around the sport fostered a love for football in young Alisson.

Alisson began his football journey playing for Internacional’s youth team. As he honed his skills and developed into an impressive goalkeeper, he eventually made his senior debut in 2013. After three years of outstanding performances at Internacional, he signed with AS Roma, where he excelled for two seasons.

Remarkable Achievements

In July 2018, Alisson made headlines when he signed with Liverpool FC for a then-world record fee for a goalkeeper of £66.8 million. Since that time, he has played an instrumental role in helping Liverpool secure multiple prestigious titles.

 Some notable achievements include:

– Winning the UEFA Champions League (2018-2019)

– Securing the Premier League title (2019-2020)

– Back-to-back Golden Glove awards in Serie A (2017-2018) and Premier League (2018-2019)

– Named The Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper (2019)

Attributes and Values to Emulate

There are four significant aspects of Alisson Becker’s football career worth discussing with students to inspire and inculcate values in them.

1. Dedication to Hard work – Alisson’s journey to becoming one of the world’s best goalkeepers was not an overnight success. It required dedication, hours of practice, and perseverance. This proves that hard work pays off and should be stressed as an essential value for students.

2. Overcoming Challenges – Alisson has faced many challenges in his career, including competing against established goalkeepers and facing criticism for his playing style. However, he displayed remarkable resilience and proved his worth, finally earning the trust of his coaches, teammates, and supporters.

3. Teamwork – Apart from his individual talents, Alisson’s success can be attributed to trusting his teammates and continually collaborating with them. In a ripple effect, his performance also elevates the overall efforts of the team.

4. Discipline – Alisson maintains a disciplined lifestyle both on and off the field. His determination to lead by example has made him a respected figure among football fans.


Teaching students about Alisson Becker is not just about educating them on his achievements in football, but instilling values such as hard work, teamwork, discipline, overcoming challenges to succeed in whatever they choose to pursue. By learning about one of the best goalkeepers in the world today, students will understand that with passion, perseverance, and a strong work ethic, their dreams are within reach.

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