Teaching Students About Angie Bowie


Angie Bowie can be considered an influential figure in the entertainment industry who significantly shaped the career of her late ex-husband, David Bowie. As a musician, actress, model, and author, she made substantial contributions in all these fields while also inspiring and teaching the next generation. This article will discuss why it is essential to teach students about Angie Bowie and what we can learn from her remarkable story.

Early Life and Background

Born in 1949 as Mary Angela Barnett, Angie Bowie was raised in Cyprus by American parents involved in philanthropy and journalism. She studied political science at Connecticut College before transferring to Kingston Polytechnic College in London. While there, she immersed herself into the city’s vibrant music scene, where she eventually met her future husband, David Bowie.

Influence on David Bowie’s Career

As both a muse and manager, Angie played a vital role in the development of David Bowie’s music career. She helped create and establish his iconic image as Ziggy Stardust – an androgynous rock star representing the alienation many young people felt during those times. Through her creativity, vision, and business acumen, Angie positioned him for global superstardom.

Angie’s Own Achievements

Besides aiding in launching David’s stellar career, Angie also pursued her interests. She starred in various movies and television shows such as “The Old Grey Whistle Test” (1975) and “Eat The Rich” (1987). Additionally, she authored several autobiographies detailing her life experiences and giving insights into the glamorous world of rock ‘n’ roll.

Empowering Women

Angie’s assertive personality often broke societal norms of her time – demanding equal respect for women in entertainment. This determination makes it crucial to explore her story to better understand how women navigated a male-dominated industry. Encouraging students to explore Angie’s experiences can prompt discussions on gender roles, feminism, and the complexities of relationships within the celebrity world.

Lessons from Angie Bowie

Teaching students about Angie Bowie is an opportunity to help them:

1. Understand the role of pivotal figures behind successful entertainers.

2. Discuss how individuals can inspire and influence cultural movements and expressions.

3. Encourage conversations around gender, empowerment, and relationships in the public eye.

4. Analyze how external pressures can affect personal relationships.

5. Explore how adversity and success shape artists’ lives.


Angie Bowie, as a prominent figure in entertainment history, offers essential insights into the industry and societal norms during her time. Introducing her story into educational curriculums will inevitably trigger valuable discussions and facilitate meaningful learning for students.

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