Teaching Students About Art Deco: Inspiring Creativity

The Roaring Twenties, an era marked by cultural, economic, and social change, brought about a fascinating art movement called Art Deco. The style, characterized by its bold geometric shapes and luxurious materials, has persisted through the decades as a symbol of elegance and innovation. Teaching students about Art Deco can instill valuable lessons in history, culture, and creativity.

Section 1: The Origin of Art Deco

Begin the lesson by discussing the origins of Art Deco. This innovative artistic style emerged in France during the 1920s, sweeping its way into architecture, fashion, and everyday design. Help your students understand the context in which Art Deco flourished by explaining how the end of World War I created a sense of optimism that fueled creativity in multiple industries.

Section 2: Characteristics of Art Deco

Next, delve into what makes the Art Deco style unique. With its geometric forms, sleek curves, and lavish ornamentation, this style is easily recognizable. Let your students visualize these characteristics by showing them examples of Art Deco architecture, furniture, jewelry or posters. Encourage hands-on learning by having them create their own designs! Interactive activities can make learning engaging for students of all ages.

Section 3: Art Deco’s Impact on Modern Design

Show your students how this glamorous style continues to influence modern design today. Some cities still have preserved examples of Art Deco architecture like theaters or hotels that feature their distinctive patterns and breathtaking elegance. Discuss contemporary designers who incorporate aspects of this timeless style into their work as well.

Section 4: Connecting with Local Resources

To enhance understanding and appreciation for this art movement, look for local museums or galleries that showcase authentic Art Deco pieces – both large and small. Arrange field trips to visit such places and witness firsthand how this influential movement shaped the design world.

In conclusion, teaching students about Art Deco in the 1920s helps them connect with an iconic period in history while promoting creativity and a passion for design. By sharing the story of Art Deco, you can open young minds to the rich and vibrant world of art in its many forms.

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