Teaching Students About Astoria, Oregon

Nestled on the northern coast of Oregon, Astoria possesses a rich and vibrant history filled with explorers, entrepreneurs, and cultural experiences. For students seeking to learn more about this fascinating community, there are numerous educational opportunities to dive deep into the local tales and legends that have made Astoria such a unique destination. This article explores some of the top teaching resources and experiences available in Astoria, Oregon.

1. Visit the Columbia River Maritime Museum:

To truly appreciate the significance of Astoria within Oregon’s history, a visit to the Columbia River Maritime Museum is essential. The museum offers various exhibits highlighting shipwrecks, maritime culture, and the lifestyle of the region’s earliest inhabitants – the Chinook people. School groups can enjoy guided tours that take them on a journey through the long and storied past of life along the river.

2. Learn from Lewis & Clark National Historical Park:

As the site where Lewis & Clark concluded their legendary expedition in 1805, Astoria holds particular significance in American history. A visit to Fort Clatsop within Lewis & Clark National Historical Park provides students with an immersive, hands-on experience designed to deepen their understanding of this historic moment. Educational programs are available for all ages including interactive demonstrations and ranger-led talks on everything from wildlife encounters to conflict resolution among explorers.

3. Explore the Legendary History at Flavel House Museum:

Take your students on a trip back in time as they wander through one of Astoria’s grandest Victorian homes – the Flavel House Museum. As they marvel at the opulent furnishings and intricate architectural details throughout this historic residence, they’ll learn about life in 19th-century Astoria as well as about George Flavel, one of its most prominent figures—a maritime pilot who played an instrumental role in promoting regional trade and commerce.

4. Stroll Through the Astoria Column:

For an engaging lesson in artistry and storytelling, take your students to the worthwhile climb to the iconic Astoria Column. Standing at 125 feet tall, this monument showcases a hand-painted mural spiraling around it, telling Astoria’s history from its earliest days as a Native American settlement to its emergence as a bustling maritime port. After reaching the summit, reward students’ hard work with astounding panoramic views of the Columbia River, Pacific Ocean, and surrounding forests.

5. Create Cultural Connections at the Heritage Museum:

Finally, enhance your students’ appreciation for Astoria’s multicultural history at the Heritage Museum. Operated by the Clatsop County Historical Society, this museum explores the diverse communities that have contributed to Astoria’s rich cultural tapestry throughout its history, including Finnish and Chinese immigrants.

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