Teaching Students About Brian Dietzen: A Journey through Acting, Empathy, and Perseverance


Educating our youth often requires not only the use of text and technical knowledge but also the influence of inspirational role models who can resonate with students. When teaching drama and acting, it’s essential to introduce students to successful actors who have shown tremendous dedication, versatility, and passion in their field. Brian Dietzen is an exceptional example of such an actor. This article explores his career, talent, and the qualities that make him an ideal role model for aspiring actors.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Brian Dietzen was born on November 14th, 1977, in Barrington, Illinois. He discovered his love for acting early on and joined theater productions in high school. After obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting from The University of Colorado Boulder, he started his career by performing in a variety of stage productions.

Lessons in Versatility: Film and Television Roles

Dietzen swiftly moved on to television and film roles, showing his prowess as an actor willing to explore different genres. His most notable role has been as the character Jimmy Palmer on “NCIS,” a part he has played since 2004.

His ability to portray diverse roles across various platforms demonstrates a valuable lesson for students: Versatility is crucial for success in the field of performing arts. Actors need to develop an extensive range of skills to adapt to different characters and mediums effectively.

Empathy On-Screen and Off-Screen

Another significant lesson that students can learn from studying Dietzen’s career is the importance of empathy as an actor – both on-screen and off the screen. In his role as the caring medical examiner assistant Jimmy Palmer in “NCIS,” we see how Dietzen’s capacity to connect with his co-stars helps create dynamic character relationships on-screen.

Moreover, Dietzen’s off-screen work showcases an actor who cares deeply about the world, as evidenced by his support of charitable organizations such as Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit organization that aids injured veterans. By studying Dietzen’s empathetic approach to his career, students can understand the significance of building connections and caring for one another in this industry.

Perseverance and Dedication

Dietzen has continuously shown commitment to his craft over the years. His dedication to acting and perseverance in the face of challenges provide an inspiring lesson for students. By examining Brian Dietzen’s journey, students can learn about dedication, whether it’s receiving and incorporating feedback from mentors, diligently researching roles, or relentlessly honing their skills.


Teaching students about Brian Dietzen not only introduces them to a talented actor with an impressive career but also engages them in essential attributes such as versatility, empathy, and perseverance. All these qualities are vital for success in the performing arts world. By learning from Dietzen’s career and experiences, aspiring actors can develop their talent while embracing essential life values that contribute to their overall development.

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