Teaching Students About Cory In The House

Teaching students about pop culture and media literacy is an essential part of contemporary education. One particular television show that offers a unique perspective on politics, comedy, and youth empowerment is the Disney Channel sitcom “Cory in the House.” This article aims to provide educators with an insight into the significance of the show and suggest strategies for teaching students about its themes and impact.


“Cory in the House” aired from 2007 to 2008 and is a spin-off of the popular Disney Channel show “That’s So Raven.” The series follows the character Cory Baxter, played by Kyle Massey, as he moves into the White House when his father becomes the personal chef to the President of the United States. Throughout its run, “Cory in the House” provides viewers with a humorous take on pressing political issues and valuable life lessons.

Themes and Issues

Education about “Cory in the House” should incorporate discussions around key themes and issues. Some of these include:

1. Politics: The show offers an accessible introduction to U.S. politics through a fictional lens. Educators can use episodes as a starting point for discussions on branches of government, checks and balances, and significant political events.

2. Media Literacy: “Cory in the House” allows students to develop critical-thinking skills by analyzing sitcom tropes, character development, and storytelling methods. Educators can use this opportunity to explore how media representations can influence our understanding of complex topics.

3. Family dynamics: The show illustrates various family situations such as being a single-parent household, balancing work and family life, or navigating new social environments like living in the White House. These storylines provide an opportunity for discussions on healthy relationships, communication, and conflict resolution.

4. Empowering youth: As Cory adapts to adversities, he learns valuable life lessons that can be used as case studies for personal growth. Analyzing Cory’s problem-solving and character development will encourage students to reflect on their own capabilities and potential.

Teaching Strategies

There are several methods educators can use to teach students about “Cory in the House.” These include:

1. Episode analysis: Assign episodes for students to watch and discuss as a group, focusing on themes, character development, and depictions of political scenarios.

2. Compare and contrast: Encourage students to compare “Cory in the House” to other political or family-centered sitcoms, analyzing similarities and differences in representation and messaging.

3. Group projects: Divide students into groups to create presentations on various aspects of the show – production history, key themes, characters’ roles – fostering collaboration, critical thinking, and multimedia skills.

4. Creative writing prompts: Ask students to imagine an original episode of “Cory in the House,” focusing on specific themes like empowerment or political satire. This encourages creativity, persuasive writing skills, and an understanding of narrative arcs.

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