Teaching Students About Dormer

Dormer is a structural element that is commonly used in construction, especially when it comes to building roofs. As an educator, teaching students about dormer can be an essential tool in building their knowledge on how buildings are constructed. In this article, we will explore how to teach students about dormer and why it is crucial to their understanding of construction.

What is a Dormer?

A dormer is a structural element that protrudes from a sloping roof. It usually consists of a window surrounded by a small pitched roof or a gable. This structure is designed to provide additional headroom, ventilation, and natural light. Dormers have been used in construction for centuries and have become a common feature in many types of buildings, from residential homes to commercial properties.

Why Teach Students About Dormer?

Dormers play a critical role in the construction process, and understanding their function is essential for students learning about construction. Teaching students about dormer can help them understand how buildings are constructed and how structural elements are placed to provide added benefits. By learning about dormers, students will be able to develop a critical eye for identifying different architectural features in buildings they see every day. This will also help them better appreciate the beauty and design of buildings.

How to Teach Students About Dormer?

One of the best ways to teach students about dormer is through visual aids. Pictures, diagrams, and videos are effective tools to help students recognize different types of dormers. Classroom presentations can also be an excellent way to teach students about the history of dormer and their uses in different construction projects. Student-led discussions can be very useful in exploring the various materials used in constructing dormers, including different roofing materials and frames.

Another effective way to teach students about dormers is through hands-on activities such as constructing models. Students can be assigned a project to design and construct a simple model dormer with different materials. Through this activity, they would be able to think critically about the different characteristics of their design and how it would function in a building or rooftop. For example, students can build a dormer with a different roof pitch or size to explore the differences in light, ventilation, and headroom.


Teaching students about dormer is an essential tool in building their knowledge of construction. It is important to teach students about the functions, features, materials, and history of dormers, to help them appreciate the beauty of buildings and to develop a critical eye for identifying different types of architectural features. By using visual aids, classroom presentations, and hands-on activities, educators can help students learn about this structural element and how it is used in the construction of different buildings.

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