Teaching Students About Enzo Ferrari


Teaching automotive history can be an exciting and engaging way to educate students about some of the most influential people in the industry. One such individual is Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari – one of the world’s most iconic automobile companies. This article aims to provide guidance for educators on how to teach their students about Enzo Ferrari and its impact on the automotive world.

1. Begin with early life and background

Introduce your students to Enzo Ferrari by discussing his early life and background. Born in Modena, Italy in 1898, Ferrari was captivated by cars from a young age. After serving in World War I, he started his career as a racecar driver, which would eventually lead to his legendary status in the racing world. These early experiences shaped his passion for cars and later influenced the innovative designs of Ferrari automobiles.

2. Discuss the establishment of Scuderia Ferrari

In 1929, Enzo Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari, a racing team that would become a symbol of excellence on the racetrack. Teach your students about how Scuderia Ferrari was not only responsible for designing racing cars but also provided support for other drivers, making it instrumental in the careers of many successful racers.

3. Introduce the creation of Ferrari cars

The first car to bear Enzo’s name – the 125 S – was built in 1947, marking the beginning of what we know today as Ferrari automobiles. Inform your students about how each model produced by Ferrari was designed with meticulous attention to detail and performance, characteristics that have solidified it as a leading luxury brand. Share stories of iconic models such as the 250 GTO or F40 that have made an everlasting impact on automotive history.

4. Highlight Enzo’s influence on racing

Enzo’s passion for racing played an essential role in the success of his company. In your lesson, emphasize how his desire for success on the track translated to technological advancements that would keep Ferrari at the forefront of racing competitions. Discuss how his commitment to winning also led to numerous championships in Formula 1 and other prestigious races.

5. Discuss Enzo Ferrari’s legacy

In order to fully appreciate Enzo’s impact, it is essential to discuss his legacy as a pioneer in the automobile industry. After passing away in 1988, Enzo left behind a company that has continued to thrive and innovate while maintaining the essence of his original vision. Teach your students about how Enzo Ferrari’s dedication to excellence and passion for speed live on in the cars produced today and inspire them with his never-ending pursuit of perfection.


Teaching students about Enzo Ferrari can be a fascinating way to introduce them to automotive history and its key figures. By focusing on his early life, contributions to racing, innovative car designs, and lasting legacy, you can paint a comprehensive picture of this incredible visionary for your students.

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